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Collymore And Celtic - Abusers Matched In Heaven

Written by: GCC Exposed
Thursday, 29th January 2015

As soon as I read Stan Cauliflower's reasoning behind why he did a Rod Stewart, and switched from favouring Rangers to Celtic, I felt the need to reply.

The admission comes as no surprise to any Rangers fan, as I will demonstrate within this piece why this wife-beater and alleged sexual deviant and the club from Glasgow's East End are made for and welcome to each other.

First of all, let us look into the history of Mr Collymore and see if we can find any links with his behaviour and that of the club that he now finds a soft spot for.

Ally McCoist scored just shy of 200 goals more than Collywobble in his professional career, but when he was found with the Englishman's girlfriend, Ulrika Jonsson in a Parisian bar, the former Stafford Rangers striker, according to his victim, knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the head three times. It is also documented than he threatened to “f*cking kill' her. Rather than showing any remorse for his actions, as recently as 2014 he abused her on Twitter, calling her 4x4 as a derogatory term for her having 4 children by 4 fathers. Lucky for her, none of them are his!

The threats of violence towards women are not isolated to Ms Jonsson, incidentally, as his ex-wife Estelle Williams had him arrested for allegedly threatening to kill her and burn her house down. Nice guy, eh!?

The twitter troll (who ironically campaigns against bullying) was sacked by the BBC in 2004 for allegedly 'dogging' in a public car park. So not only is he a violent woman beater, he is also a sexual deviant.

Let us switch our attention now to the object of his affection, the club formerly known as Pacific Shelf 595. The obvious place to start here would be the child sex abuse scandal. Jim Torbett was jailed for 30 months for sexually abusing young boys who were chasing their dream by playing for Celtic Boys Club. Hugh Birt, the chairman of Celtic Boys Club, and club photographer testified during Torbett's trial that the club's legendary manager, Jock Stein, told him in 1974 that he had kicked Torbett out of the club. The reasons had been covered up by the club. Mr Birt was told that he needed to “keep the image and name of Celtic clean”. When Torbett returned to the club as a fundraiser, Birt alleges that he told the board and Stein of new rumours that had surfaced, but they took no action, and ignored his advice. Billy McNeill, legendary Celtic captain and manager, also testified during the court case that it was an 'open secret'. Former player Lou Macari also suggests in his book that 'Big Jock Knew'.

Ex Celtic captain, and manager, Neil Lennon, also went unpunished by the club for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend who was pregnant with his child, as did James Forrest, who is currently charged with indecency for allegedly having his genitals out in a nightclub!

So there you have it, proof that Celtic FC and Mr Collywobble have the same mind-set when it comes to abuse.

Now let us look at the content of the drivel that was released by the woman beater via Twitter. First to catch my attention was Collymore gushing over the history of Celtic and their charitable roots etc. He reckons that the club was formed by immigrants, and has been anti-fascist and open to all since day 1. It is easy to see how some can be taken in by this myth, to be honest, as the media within Scotland is run in a similar fashion to North Korea, and the propaganda machine churns out some great PR for this bheastly club. But here is the truth Mr Collywobble.

In the late 1800s, poor Catholics were, in their droves turning to Protestant soup kitchens who were feeding people regardless of religious belief. Brother Walfrid was under pressure to 'win back' the Catholic community or he would be looking for alternative employment. Hibernian football club in Edinburgh were doing great work for the community and making massive profit and meetings were held to set up a similar team in Glasgow. Hibernian, in good faith, lent their players to this new club to fulfil their first few fixtures, oblivious to the fact that through financial inducement their players would be 'poached' by the organisation they so charitably helped. So there you have it, Celtic Football Club was set up in order to maintain the Catholic religion, and to ensure they did not convert to Protestantism!

Rangers, however, were set up by 4 young lads, who just wanted to play football. With the original meetings in 1872, it was 16 years before Celtic brought religion into football. In fact a Catholic by the name of Pat Lafferty played for Rangers 2 years before Celtic Football Club even existed. I have a list of many Roman Catholics who all signed for Rangers before Mo Johnston, if you would like it just let me know Stan! Why let the truth get in the way of good propaganda though, eh?

Ray Houghton, and other Catholics, are also on record as saying that they had been offered the chance to join Rangers, but couldn't for fear of the abuse they would get from the Celtic support.

So Stan, I ask you this, when considering the truth; would you rather a side was set up by 4 young lads wanting to play football, or by a community desperate to stop losing religious members?

Furthermore, the greatest ever Celtic manager, Jock Stein, was DENIED a place on the club board because of his Protestant faith, and his family links to the Orange Order. A club open to all? I don't think so.

Is a club that denies entry to Armed Forces personnel dressed in uniform open to all? What about when their fans threw bananas at Mark Walters, racially abuse El Hadji Diouf and Ian Wright, and are guilty of anti-semitic behaviour towards one of their own, Nir Biton?

The anti-fascism claim is also easily ripped apart Mr Collywobble. Celtic Park was closed down during World War 2 for Nazi chants and salutes. End of argument.

Claudio Reyna (a USA international) was greeted by aeroplane gestures in the Old Firm game following 9/11. Lee Rigby was mocked by fans with sick chants during pre-season matches, and fans even had the name 'Gadaffi' on the back of their replica shirts. The animals are also the only club in the UK who cannot keep a 1 minute silence to respect the sacrifice made by the armed forces throughout the years. Throw in the IRA chants, and links to any terrorist organisation ie ETA, PLO, Hamas, ISIS then you are really making a fool of yourself by describing them as anti-fascist and open to all.

To summarise, you feel closer aligned to what Celtic FC stand for. As a republican you are already halfway there, but with your history as an abuser and perceived sexual deviant, you are welcome to Celtic FC and their sordid past. Maybe you and Ched Evans could sort out a deal!?


by BB
by D'Artagnan


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