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The Hypocrisy Of The Obsessed Part Three

Written by: Aces High
Wednesday, 8th April 2015

Our third article focuses on another bigot named Robert Bruce Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick is a Dundee United fan who works for HMRC in East Kilbride, and generally goes by his middle name.

Before he closed his account in a panic, shortly after our earlier HMRC exposures, he spewed his bile on Twitter as @disgruntledegg, and is very close to other known haters such as Paul Belton and Michael Lynch:

This man is another who leads a double life as a professional government job by day and a bigoted anti-Rangers crackpot by night.  I won’t even get into the irony of being a ‘45er’ and working for the UK government.

As you can see, Kilpatrick’s civil service veneer dissolves on Twitter: vulgar insults and hatred is his online mantra.  Should a government employee wish for the “eradication” of Rangers fans?  Anyone with a hint of intelligence will know what the proper answer is.  He is also fond of the circle of discredited Rangers hating “journalists” (I use the term lightly) which includes James Doleman, Angela Haggerty and Phil McGillivan:

Being the hater he is, he jumps at every opportunity to troll Rangers-related stories.  Funny how he is so obsessed with RFC given that he is of the erroneous opinion that they are a “new” and “diddy” club.  That is some cognitive dissonance.  But then again, these people never exactly cornered the market on rational and critical thought.

His wife is named Trish Kilbride; she's Irish so perhaps that explains the pathological hatred.  He also has two sons; the elder is named Thomas and is old enough to be registered as a voter.  No doubt his political views will have been severely slanted by his father’s continual verbal diarrhoea:



We have found that Trish only has 3 contacts in her Twitter account, @disgruntledegg being the one that stands out.  The pair also have continual online discussions regarding Rangers:

This tweet is quite interesting; it is dated the day after Arlene Sugden’s ‘zombie’ New Year party.  The sectarian intent of the language is quite obvious when put in this context.  This is, however, quite common amongst the HMRC bigots we have exposed.

Clearly, Bruce Kilpatrick et al. think that they are clever enough to hide their bigotry behind a keyboard.  They are sorely mistaken.  These are people which in one breath decry any perceived offence against Celtic (Or Dundee United) yet in the other spew the worst kind of hatred upon anything related to Rangers FC.  This is the true persona of a hate-filled and bigoted hypocrite.

The mask has slipped indeed.


by Concerned Fan
by Admin


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