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BBC Scotland

Written by: Blueboy
Sunday, 11th September 2016

In January 2016 BBC Scotland revealed that they had a created a self imposed ban on sending reporters to Ibrox Stadium, home of Scotland's largest and most successful football club.

This ban was imposed due to their belief that their senior football correspondent, and lifelong Celtic fan, Chris McLaughlin, had been treated harshly by the club when his press privileges were removed for refusing to report on matters in a fair and balanced manner. Furthermore, BBC Scotland continue to mislead by reporting that their employee has been 'banned' from Ibrox. It is my belief that if Mr McLaughlin wishes to attend, he can pay for a ticket a la Graeme Spiers, a fellow Rangers hater. Maybe yet another complaint that should be sent to the BBC Trust, who are already sick to the back teeth of upholding complaints against this supposedly impartial institution.

The background to this issue, without spending too much time going over old ground, relates to a fixture on 25th July 2015. A new, exciting Rangers squad, with a young, highly regarded manager were playing their first competitive fixture, at the home of their biggest rivals that season.

Rangers swept Hibernian aside, winning the game 6-2 and displaying an exciting, cavalier brand of football. McLaughlin ignored the positive nature of the win, and instead reported on the match delegates report which he was 'given'. The report mentioned the chanting of 'sectarian songs' by the away crowd. McLaughlin led with the assertion that 'Rangers could face action'. The senior football correspondent had ignored a chance to positively talk up a high quality product on the pitch and give Scottish football a much needed boost.

If Mr McLaughlin was consistently negative, and consistently highlighting goings-on in the crowd then nobody would bat an eyelid, however I have yet to find any negative reporting of the weekly IRA karaoke by the fans of Celtic FC. In fact in January 2016, when asked for comments about these chants during a Scottish Cup tie against Stranraer, Mr McLaughlin claimed he was watching Spurs on TV! BBC Scotland's chief football correspondent was watching an English game when his own team were playing in a televised tie in our country's flagship cup competition! Aye, right!

Mr McLaughlin was definitely in attendance at yesterdays Celtic versus Rangers game, as I heard him interview Brendan Rodgers before kick off. I remember remarking how Mr Rodgers subtle Northern Irish accent has suddenly become very harsh and Southern in the last couple of months.

Quelle my surprise this morning when I couldn't find any mention of the sectarian banner unfurled by the Celtic support stating 'Know Your Place Hun Scum'. Hun being a derogatory term used against Protestants in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Never mind I thought, he will mention the bodies, complete with Rangers scarves, which were hung from the stand. Especially since it was National suicide awareness day, and the week in which former Rangers striker Kris Boyd lost his brother in a tragic suicide. But alas, I was wrong again, it wasn't mentioned. Maybe BBC Scotland are sympathetic of this hideous stunt? After all, their own production 'The Men Who Sold The Jerseys' depicted Ally McCoist falling to his death in the opening credits.

Third time lucky I thought. Surely he will mention the sectarian abuse aimed at Mark Warburton. Celtic fans were clearly heard telling the "sad Orange Bastard to cheer up"! Again, it was wishful thinking on my part. Apparently that song is only unsavoury and sectarian if aimed at Neil Lennon or Alan Stubbs.

We have Rangers fans being locked up for singing a song and yet fans of other teams are given far lenient punishments, if any, for similar offences! We have Rangers players and officials being attacked on the pitch and the SFA are more interested in goalposts and grass! We have fans depicting Rangers fans hanging and yet a media blackout! The Scottish media and footballing authorities need to stop the open season on Rangers and start applying the same laws and morals to everyone, regardless of their footballing affiliation, religion or political stance.

If not, the baw's well and truly burst.


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