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Scotland's Inadequate Response to the Most Sickening of Crimes

Written by: Glasgowtaxpayer
Friday, 9th December 2016

Regarding the recent abuse allegations engulfing football, it is absolutely astonishing the SFA are not following their English counterparts at the FA in launching a full inquiry. If we do not take this grave matter seriously, we will not encourage victims to come forward.

To say our game isn't blighted the way it is down south is extremely naive at best, disingenuous at worst. It is also offensive to suggest financial reasons are a consideration, what price dignity, justice and closure for abuse victims?

It is entirely possible there are more unpalatable reasons for the SFA's reticence. It's common knowledge Celtic FC CEO Peter Lawwell wields the most clout in the Scottish game at present, and with at least two known predators having worked at Celtic (one of whom was allowed to move onto other clubs, the other incredibly allowed back to Celtic after the passing of a manager who chased him out), it is not beyond the realms of possibility that those who may suffer the most embarrassment are influential behind the scenes in lobbying for a full inquiry NOT to take place. 'The good name of the club must be preserved' was the mantra before, who's to say it isn't now?

Without fear or favour, a full inquiry should be instigated by the SFA immediately, anything less is an insult to those who have endured the most horrendous suffering at the hands of these sick perpetrators.

Sadly, the Scottish Government's First Minister will not call on the footballing authorities to do their moral duty. 'It is a matter for the Police' was her extremely curt and lame retort at First Minister's Questions. Why the insipid response?

It is well known the SNP have been rapacious in their quest to gobble up the Irish republican vote in Scotland, not least to further their nationalist 'cause'. Playing the anti British card has certainly reaped dividends. Various SNP MP's such as Alex Salmond and Humza Yousaf are only too happy to rock up at various Irish republican bars in west central Scotland. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's constituency office staff have their Christmas party at Kelly's bar, it's all very cosy. We have also seen Irish Republican bands on parade at Scottish Nationalist events in Glasgow's George Square. With Celtic FC the team of choice for these Irish republican voters, is it a case of Sturgeon not wanting to upset the apple cart?
Sturgeon has rebuffed requests from other MSP's in Holyrood to extend the ongoing child abuse inquiry's remit both to the football arena, as well as those victims in residential care. Could it be that, given the SNP's courting of the Roman Catholic vote over a number of years, the Scottish Government don't want to fall foul of their new found flock? After all, extending the inquiry to include football and residential care would almost certainly cause acute discomfort to Celtic Football Club as well as the Roman Catholic church in Scotland. It is all conjecture of course, but if England's inquiries extend to residential care and football, why not Scotland's? Are our victims worth any less?

It is incredible that the SNP, these self proclaimed champions of social justice, appear to be putting votes before victims, indeed, it is a national disgrace.

How very sad that politics should be an issue with this type of awful crime, but given the fact the Scottish Government and the footballing authorities are unwilling to give all victims the justice they deserve, questions need to be asked.



by Albertz
by Joe Smith


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