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What the F*** is going on at Ibrox?

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 17th April 2018

As Rangers sack Kenny Miller and Suspend Lee Wallace, the club is turning in to a complete circus.

Firstly, I should say that I don't like players' running to the press, or engineering discord in the dressing room, and this is not the first time Kenny Miller has been at the centre of such allegations. 

If he's genuinely undermining the manager at every turn, then this is the right decision, however, the board should consider this.

When Miller turned against Pedro, he was right that Caixinha was a dud, if unprofessional in doing so, and the same applies now to both him and Wallace. If they are guilty of what they have been accused of then yes, they should be punished, but it should not automatically absolve Murty, nor give him licence to stay longer when it is clear that he doesn't inspire, lead or control the dressing room. 

Frankly, the club is looking like a shambles, and the return of Douglas Park has coincided with an absolute clusterfuck of a situation. It is clear that the board have mishandled the recruitment and departure of Warburton, the recruitment of Pedro, the failure to secure McInnes, and the handling of the first team reigns to the under 20s coach. 

Dave King needs to step up now and sort this out.

The recruitment panel who selected Pedro, failed on McInnes, and failed to act on Mark Allen's managerial shortlist should be sacked, as should Murty, Miller and Wallace. If that includes financial investors then King needs to step up and cover their shortfall. 

As for the team, I've seen various comments online suggesting they are not playing for the manager. Perhaps they should be reminded it's not the manager or the board they play for, but the Rangers support, who ultimately pay their wages. 

The club needs real leadership to sort this out. 

Step up Dave and be the leader.


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