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The Anti Rangers SNP

Written by: 1972
Tuesday, 13th March 2018

The double standards in Scotland’s Politics and Media have never been more apparent than they may have been over the last few days.

As the Old Firm game approached, the SNP and the media took great exception to the planned Union Bears march from The Loudon in Kinning Park to the Rangers end, with Depute Leader Candidate James Dornan complaining to the Police about the use of the word “Fenian” on the flyer for the March, and being ably backed up on Social Media by various other SNP Republicans.

Dornan, who once posed with a flag for a proscribed terrorist organisation, is hardly in a position to moralise, but Scotland’s media are petrified of offending anyone in the SNP.


Photos of the march were duly posted to Social Media, with SNP MP Peter Grant, implying that the Red Hand Salute was a Nazi one, commenting that Rangers fans would be “first in the queue to demand that women be banned from wearing headscarves”.


Never mind that Rangers fans are more concerned with following our football team than getting involved in sensitive political debate about Islamic headwear, Grant, like many other nationalist hypocrites, has never mentioned the bans implemented across the EU in Belgium, Holland, Austria, France. Bear in mind the SNP wish Scotland to be part of this gang.

This is the same Peter Grant who boasted on Twitter that he “was at Celtic Park to welcome them home”, when discussing the Lisbon Lions

SNP Reserve team player Patrick Harvie also joined in the witch hunt claiming Rangers fans were Nazis.


When shown several examples of Nazi salutes from Celtic supporters, the response from most of the MOPES was silence.

Anyone see a pattern here?

It got even more embarrassing when SNP Councillors got involved in the attack, with Julie McKenzie tweeting about “right wing extremist shame” and “rampant sectarian hatred”, before her own Sectarian Anti Protestant tweets were highlighted to her, as she embarked on a deleting spree.


Also never mind the sordid history of the SNP, and Irish Republicanism who both embraced Nazi-ism and Fascism during WWII with support from SNP hero Arthur Donaldson, RoI PM De Valera, and IRA Fascist Sean South.

The SNP is as it always has been, an Anti-British political party driven by hatred of the English, and anyone friendly with them, with any other policy  bending at will to suit the overriding objective, with no regard for the integrity of whatever partners further their aims.

This party and many of its cult following are utter poison, and the only surprise that they’ve absorbed the Republican vote from the Labour party is that it took so long.

What is most absurd is that there remains a core support of the SNP from the old days, where this racist and bigoted party hated anything that wasn’t Scottish or Protestant. These parochial wee Scotlanders have been joined by and usurped by terrorist loving bigots they detest, but they both detest the English more so maintain an uneasy alliance of hatred.

This is the party that boasts Brendan O’Hara and IRA supporter Allan Casey.


Is the pattern becoming any more apparent yet?

Talking of Casey, when he tweeted his pleasure at the result, his tweet was liked by SNP members and both current and former representatives David McDonald, Laura Docherty and Margaret Ferrier.

Meanwhile the selective blindness and deafness in the Scottish Media has now gone beyond being an irritant, it is now frankly embarrassing, with zero mention of any of the above in any of the newspapers, but captured for posterity by various right thinking Twitter accounts.

In the same week that the Sunday Herald shipped in Neil McKay’s friend Angela Haggerty from a blog as News Editor, above several seasoned and professional journalists, the media across Scotland have misreported or missed the following

-Scotland Striker Leigh Griffiths flying an Irish Tricolour amidst the Celtic support at Ibrox missed completely
-Scott Sinclair’s airport verbal abuse story being published without any evidence or verification whatsoever
-Sectarian verbal attack on the quiet and unassuming Rangers player Russell Martin captured on video but unreported in the media
-A pitched battle in Glasgow between Celtic fans outside a Celtic pub reported carefully as fight after Rangers Celtic match
-Several Celtic fan Twitter accounts threatening assaults and violence upon the Rangers support missed
-Rangers fans attacked outside the Old Govan Arms pub (the same pub Humza Yousaf, Fiona Hyslop and Alex Salmond were filmed campaigning in), with fans dragged out of cars and mini buses and assaulted missed completely
-Rangers fan slashed in the Thornwood Pub in Partick missed completely
-Group of Republicans from the Tall Cranes pub in Govan trying to attack event at Wee Rangers club on Saturday night missed completely

Meanwhile, Rangers have stayed silent, and Club 1872 have stayed silent amidst a co-ordinated attack from the SNP, silence on physical attacks from Celtic fans, and the Rangers support being portrayed as the bad guys for a peaceful walk from a Rangers end Pub to the Rangers end.

Government has a responsibility of all of it’s people, and to protect it’s people, and this SNP Government is not only failing, it looks suspiciously like it’s not through ineptitude but through design.

I’m afraid I find it unacceptable, and questions need to be asked in Holyrood as to what exactly is going on both in there and in the media.

We in the Rangers support need to demand parity and fair treatment, and demand it until we get it.


by Reformer


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