"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

Hillary Clinton, Celtic and Lee Rigby

Written by: John McCrae
Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Hillary Clinton once said 'Good grief, we're getting offended by everything these days! People can't say anything without offending somebody.'

Most football fans in Scotland, other than those who wear green and grey, shake their heads in sadness, even revulsion when the 'jolly craicsters' in replica Hoops tops, chant from the stands, home and away, about the republican scum who murdered men, women and children in the U.K. and in Ireland, about the hunger strikers and about the I.R.A.

Celtic, of course, issue the odd, brief statement condemning the offenders but we have yet to see any action whereby these vile scum are named and shamed and banned from Parkhead. Some, in all probability, will be members of the Green Brigade, the 'ultras' group who are now, at last, subject to scrutiny, criticism and condemnation. It is after all heavily rumoured that to become a member of the Green Brigade then any prospective member must complete a series of indoctrination meetings in militant, violent Irish Republicanism. All while, away from public view, Celtic FC still court them.

After last weekend's events, where Celtic fans again shamed their club with terrible scenes in Sunderland, the whole of the United Kingdom is now pointing fingers at the East End club and saying 'Enough is enough! Your have overstepped the mark! You have crossed the line!'

A video clip has gone viral. The clip shows a group of young Celtic fans parading down Bridge Street in Sunderland chanting '"f*** Lee Rigby, he won't be f***ing drumming anymore".

The clip has so repulsed decent people that even the Daily Record, normally so protective of Celtic, has seen fit to report the incident.

A brief look at Celtic online fans forum The Huddleboard shows some support the obscene chanting. One, who posts under the alias 'Charles Patrick Tully', defending his support and, when questioned whether he is an ISIS supporter by another Celtic fan, wrote 'Not an Isis fan by any means but I am a huge fan of dead Brits.' I suspect the late Charlie Tully will be spinning in his grave.

A very quick investigation by this Rangers fans forum has found a couple of the sick fans who chanted. It wasn't difficult. These idiots brag on social media. To find every one of these sick bastards would be relatively easy. Half their faces are clearly visible on the clip.

Two things are lost on this writer. Firstly, do these clowns think ISIS would spare them because, as Celtic fans, they profess to despise the United Kingdom? Secondly, if they, as 'Charles Patrick Tully' demonstrates, wish Brits dead, how many of them, their families and the Celtic players, past and present, are British? Do they wish themselves, their families and the Celtic players dead?

Vanguard Bears calls on Celtic FC to fully investigate and unearth the vile creatures. We further call on the authorities to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Thirdly, we call on every football team in the U.K. to refuse to consider Celtic as opponents for pre-season friendlies and testimonials. Should they be drawn in European competition, the home club should refuse a ticket allocation to Celtic fans.

Hillary Clinton was wrong. Some things should not be said. Or thought. Or chanted. Or done. She was wrong because decent people do get offended. 


by 1972
by D'Artagnan


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