"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

Legal Defence Fund Final Statement

Written by: Admin
Tuesday, 28th November 2017

Vanguard Bears Admin are pleased to announce that all monies donated to the Legal Defence Fund by our members and the wider Rangers support, both at home and overseas, has been distributed.  A wonderful total of £7475.99 was raised – and we thank every supporter who contributed.

When we launched the fund we stated that we would provide total transparency with regards to where any monies were going and today we can confirm the following:

Out of all Rangers supporters that made contact with us, some only seeking advice, twelve were given financial assistance amounting to £4600.

£2900 (figure was rounded up from the remaining £2875.99) was donated to Erskine – a cause close to all VB hearts.

VB was established in 2007 to defend our own, we will not hesitate to offer support to our fan-base in the future should similar circumstances arise.


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