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The Not-So Impartial Matt Coyle

Written by: Joe Smith
Saturday, 20th January 2018

I sometimes wonder if I live in an unknown house, on an unknown planet, from another universe, to borrow from Scottish Football ‘puppet master’ Peter Lawwell. Where else could you see a young mother, and her family, get a character assassination for singing a song? Well, here in Scotland, actually.  

Disgraceful journalism was to the fore again when friend of ill Phil Mc Ghoilla Bhain and Angela ‘I don’t do drugs’ Haggerty, MMattheww Ccoyle, as he likes to be known as on Facebook, got the green crayons out and began scribbling in full bheastly offended mode. In typical cowardly fashion, he picked out and targeted a woman in his article published in the Scottish Sun.

Ccoyle (sic) decided the woman in question singing a song, with many others in the land of the free, was breaking the law due to the word ‘fenian’ being in the lyrics! One wonders why a journalist in Scotland might be offended by this word sung in a song, thousands of miles away? Does he consider himself a fenian perhaps?

Despite snidy attempts to hide his true self from the limelight, it has been discovered that this cretin, who has been on the payroll of such ‘big’ names as STV and The Scottish Sun, (spit), has a penchant for all things republican including a rather distasteful taste for IRA propaganda (in particular the hate-filled Charlie & The Bhoys) and a dislike of the Orange Order and former PM Margaret Thatcher.

On looking through his profile, it struck me that perhaps The Scottish Sun (spit) don’t seem to take the welfare of their employees too seriously. Do they drug and alcohol test? Matty certainly makes it clear he ‘likes’ cannabis, commonly called a ‘gateway drug’ by Police Scotland as it often leads abusers to harder drugs like heroin.

What really annoyed me though, considering it was a woman he hatefully targeted, is the utter contempt for the fairer sex he shows on a public forum, open to everyone of all ages, with his ‘like’ for ‘Moist Vagina’. His mother must be so proud to have shat out a creep with such low regard for women, however unsurprising we find it.

I’ll leave you to peruse the catalogue of shame detailed below, grabbed from his public Facebook page, and urge you to register your disdain at the following email addresses.





Please click on links to see Coyle's trail of shame.









Footnote:  It was thought appropriate to email Mr Coyle to inform him that this article would be getting published and to ask him if he wished to make comment.

At the time of publication there has been no reply!




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