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Scottish Football's Innocents - they are being failed again

Written by: WMBB
Friday, 16th February 2018

When will Celtic's abused and forgotten generation see justice?

The Times recently reported that football clubs face multi-million pound claims in compensation due to the crimes committed by the predatory sexual offender Barry Bennell.


Why has the SFA, Scottish government and Celtic FC failed in their duty of care towards children? The conviction of Jim Torbett was seen by many and to the relief of Celtic Boys Club (Celtic FC) as the end. It should have been the beginning of a thorough and detailed investigation into Celtic FC and the wider Scottish football community but instead the victims have been forgotten.

How many victims are out there. Even almost 20 years after Torbett's conviction we have Gerry King, former chairman of Celtic Boys Club, in court right now on historical child abuse charges.

Quite frankly the gall and arrogance of Celtic FC to claim that Celtic Boys Club is not, was not, connected to the parent club is like Eva Braun stating she wasn't a Nazi. It is quite simply shocking and astonishing in the same magnitude.

These victims have been ignored for 20 years, and longer when you consider Torbett's catalogue of crimes and the chronological order of the disgusting events.

Celtic Boys Club (Celtic FC) have ruined children's and young adults lives and they continue to remain silent. It is an affront to humanity.

The victims have also been let down by the media in Scotland and to a certain extent in England. Why does the media not list Celtic Boys Club (Celtic FC) as the main culprit in this abuse scandal in Scotland? Here's an idea, why don't the victims now pursue the SFA and the Scottish government for not properly investigating Celtic Boys Club (Celtic FC)?

Given the sexual deviants associated with Celtic FC it is incredulous that this institution is still allowed to function in its current state. From Torbett to John Cullen to Gerry King to David Brannan to John Reid the 'football club' is riddled with deviants.




The full time whistle is far from being blown on this sordid scandal which should shame and embarrass the whole of Scotland never mind the parochial football community.


by Nathan Robert
by 1972


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