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If You Don't Like Reality - Manipulate It!

Written by: WMBB
Wednesday, 11th April 2018

With slim shoulders and small in stature. With teeth like a B list celebrity that would make Frank McAvennie jealous, Brendan Rodgers cuts a figure that looks like a retired, slightly chubby jockey dressed as school prefect. Oh, don't forget the perma-tan. 

His latest ruse is to interfere, meddle and bring the integrity of the game into disrepute by suggesting that it would be 'sad' if Celtic FC were not allowed to potentially win the league title against Rangers FC at the piggery. Is he running the SPFL now?

In fairness to Rodgers he likes being the centre of unnecessary attention ever since he pitched up at Liverpool, left his wife, bagged one of the admin staff as his new squeeze and sat and watched his son be found not guilty in a sexual assault case. Now he's manager of Celtic he thinks he can manipulate the forthcoming fixture list and has continued to be outspoken and arrogant.

Apparently he was just answering a question. The journalist should know better and quite frankly the manager of Celtic FC should know better, rather than pander to this narrative. The 'game of shame' lies firmly at the door of Celtic and the likelihood was never to happen again. 

Next up in the mainstream media was the Celtic FC captain suggesting that Rangers are 'broken' after the defeat at Ibrox. Do you think the board at Celtic have something to distract their fans with this week? In a classic PR tactic the 2 most senior positions within the playing staff at Parkhead have been rolled out to distract the public from the current criminal trials going on in Glasgow relating to the historical sexual abuse carried out by individuals within the infrastructure of the sectarian stained club. 

Their strategy of deflection is patently flawed. The employees of Celtic approach the world as they think it should be rather than how it actually is. Deluded. And when the facts do not fit with their wishful thinking then the rules have to be changed. 

I get the feeling that this is only being touched upon due to the trial of Torbett currently taking place, any full on media story may jeopardise or even prejudice the trial. Celtic FC will hoping for more of the same when the trials, yes plural, end. 

The Celtic board and their senior staff have played their wastrel, bed wetting support like an Irish skin drum. Until trial ends and these men are convicted and the full extent of their crimes can be reported the abusive and malign support of Celtic FC will continue to think the likes of Torbett and Cairney play in midfield at the piggery. 


by Reformer
by 1972


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