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Show Rodgers the Red Card - A Grubb Like No Other

Written by: General Schomberg
Tuesday, 10th July 2018

It would seem that someone at Show Racism the Red Card has finally found their voice and their bollocks when it comes to decrying Celtic fans regards their enduring racist shame. 

I'd long-since given up any hope of the donation-funded organisation challenging the nauseating anti-British hatred that emanates from the stands at every football match where Celtic's fascist Republican subclass are present, however their continued endemic history of racism can no longer be ignored (except by the Scottish media it would seem).


Show Racism the Red Card supportive tweet


At the end of a match last season, Aberdeen player Shay Logan taunted Celtic fans in much the same way that the cerebrally-challenged convict racist Lee Griffiths chooses to idiotically taunt opposition fans on a regular basis. For his "crime" Logan met with a barrage of racist filth spewed forth by the Bheastly hordes. Video evidence provides corroboration of Logan's claims – "f*cking n!gger" and “I hope you die you black b&st&rd" being just two of the screams of choice.

Of course Logan should be used to racist abuse meted out by those of a Celtic persuasion; in 2014 Celtic player Aleksandar Tonev was banned from playing for 7 matches having been found guilty of directing moronic racist slime in his direction. And here's where the main problem lies – rather than denouncing Tonev in the strongest possible terms, Celtic chose instead to infer that Logan was a liar, that Tonev was entirely innocent and that Logan had made the whole thing up. You really can't shame the shameless – the SFA however upheld Tonev's ban and left the Celtic hierarchy lamenting yet another failed cover-up.

Never quick to learn from previous mistakes, this latest sorry episode prompted yet ANOTHER stab at a cover-up by the club "Open to All". Step forward Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers to issue a classless, arrogant and ill-founded attempt to exonerate the Bheastly hordes whilst inferring that Logan was lying and somehow deserved the vile racist invective for his taunting of Celtic fans. With his moral compass fixedly pointing far-right, Rodgers has put his club's racist history firmly in the spotlight and highlighted his own conceit, ignorance, and uncultivated nature.


A Bheast "apes" black Rangers player El Hadji Diouf

In any other country, football's governing body – in this case The Scottish Football Association – would be shocked and embarrassed by Rodgers' ill-conceived pronunciations and demand he appear to explain himself. Perhaps having been warned off by those who really control Scottish football Neil Doncaster and his counterpart at the SPFL Murdoch MacLennan have "forgotten" to deal with the matter. Mr. MacLennan in particular is prone to bouts of forgetfulness.

Or maybe they're far too busy looking into events surrounding a paedophile ring operating at The Club Like No Other to concern themselves with trivial matters such as Celtic's continued immoral racist contempt for anyone who is not Irish, Roman Catholic, or both? 


by Pro Patria
by 1972


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