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Written by: PHIL WHITE
Wednesday, 21st November 2018

It's been a real eye-opener watching events surrounding the Celtic child-abuse scandal unfold in cyber world.

It would seem the only person worthy of praise regards the horrific 40-year cover-up is Michelle Gray, sister of one of the victims of Celtic monster James Torbett. 

This admirable lady is very determined to get some form of justice for her brother and other children whose lives were destroyed by the disgraced football club.

Regrettably the Club Like No Other and Scotland's top politicians alike continue to shamelessly ignore her.

Michelle has doggedly attempted to confront both First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Cabinet Secretary for Justice Humza Yousaf. As Sturgeon whined on Twitter about a minor political circumstance which she described as "outrageous", Michelle Gray replied to her:

"Let me tell you what’s OUTRAGEOUS. My 12 year old brothers life being destroyed by a man who was backed & supported by people in authority. A man who sexually abused my brother, continuously!! That’s what I consider OUTRAGEOUS! Not a last minute meeting request!!"

Sturgeon, as Sturgeon does when confronted with difficult questions, disgracefully ignored her.

"Sturgeon reacts to difficult questions from Michelle Gray"


Ms. Gray didn't fare much better when she confronted Hapless Humza. This wretched individual despicably claimed to know nothing of events surrounding the football club he supports, despite reports of the scandal being all over the national news and printed press in recent weeks:

Michelle wasn't for giving up. She replied to him:

"I have many concerns & questions. I would much prefer a face to face given the severity of the issue. I would also like to know today, why it has not yet been discussed in Holyrood, given the number of children Torbett had access to……I have done so much investigation & digging on Torbett & his ‘associates’ since Andrew told me of what he suffered. Trust me what you’ve seen in the media the last few weeks is nothing. My heart breaks for what is about to unfold..... #scotlandshame

Mr Yousaf surely wouldn't allow his football allegiances to get in the way of an enquiry into the most hideous of crimes committed at his beloved football club would he?

Meanwhile, undertaking a pathetic damage-limitation exercise, the Club Like No Other self-commissioned and funded a comical study into all the great things the shamed organisation gives to Scotland.

Self-praise is no praise at all. This scandal hasn't gone away you know, and no amount of cringe-worthy back-slapping will make it disappear.

Michelle and her family must get their justice.




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