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Deflection And Reflection

Written by: The Ref
Friday, 4th August 2017

Leigh Griffiths is a Scottish footballer. He is nearly 27 years old, and currently plies his trade at Celtic FC and is also a current Scotland squad player. Griffiths is of limited ability, (much like our own Kenny Miller); however given the dearth of decent forward players available to the SFA representative team: he is now an automatic selection in Gordon Strachan’s squads.

Griffiths is a colourful character, given that he is also a racist, he has been accused of assault (and cleared), and he also has a history of provocation towards rivals of any club that he has played for.

Given that Griffiths has enraged a lot of people during his career to date; it is not surprising that he was on the receiving end of some banter, as his club prepared to fly out from Glasgow to Norway, for a Champions League qualification match.

I wouldn't dwell too long on the sentiment of that statement though.

In recent weeks the Celtic support has displayed IRA banners at their ground. They also sing songs supporting the IRA at every match, and it is alleged that the Green Brigade have been given both space, and time, by Celtic Football Club, to assemble, and erect their banners and displays, prior to home matches, within the premises of properties owned by, and regulated by, Celtic FC.

Despite repeated slaps on the wrists from UEFA: it is clear that Celtic FC have no real desire to rid themselves of this cancer within their own support.

To deflect from the actions and behaviour of their support; Celtic FC have enlisted the help of the Scottish mainstream media, in order to deflect the attention from the disgusting behaviour of their own supporters, to try and portray Leigh Griffiths as some kind of victim of sectarian abuse.

Let there be no mistake: Leigh Griffiths is no victim. Leigh Griffiths has a long history of racism and provocation towards rivals clubs – being captured on video singing a rendition of “Rudi Skacel is a f*cking refugee” in one particularly unsavoury incident.

In recent weeks; the supporters of Griffiths club have finally been exposed by a reluctant, and hitherto compliant Scottish media for what they are: supporters of an illegal terrorist organisation; who revel in the deaths of innocent British men, women and children. The national outrage at the sickening behaviour of these terrorist supporting beasts, has now forced the Celtic controlled media to report these incidents, and such has been the wave of condemnation of the behaviour of Celtic supporters; the club has been forced into issuing a statement.

In the passionate world of Scottish and European football, Leigh Griffiths is merely a victim of his own actions. He openly baits, and taunts opposition supporters, and his ego is fed by the adulation that he receives from the pond-life who respond to his provocative behaviour; yet he then professes to the Celtic controlled media, that he is a victim.

The open minded people of this country should be recognising that the words and actions of Celtic FC and their puppets within the Scottish media, are akin to those of the North Korean media, and that maybe, just maybe, we should all be looking at just who and what Leigh Griffiths is, before forming our opinions on him.

On reflection; I'm sure that if Leigh Griffiths was being honest with himself: he would admit that he is more an instigator than a victim.

I doubt that he would ever be that honest though.


by D'Artagnan
by Admin


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