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The Silence from Hampden is Deafening

Written by: PHIL WHITE
Thursday, 29th November 2018

Below are excerpts from recommendations made by Martin Henry, Chair of Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish football.............

  • The need to protect children must never be superseded by concerns about a club’s reputation.
  • Football clubs must accept greater responsibility for affiliated youth clubs.
  • The need for better support for abuse survivors who come forward.


As stated in a court of law, Jock Stein and the Celtic Board of Director's instructed Celtic Football Club officials to cover up the sexual molestation of children in their care. The attempts to conceal sordid and reprehensible events and limit damage to the disgraced club continue to present day.

Any suggestion that Celtic Boys Club were NOT an affiliated youth club of Celtic Football Club are simply an extension of a grubby endeavour to further mask the sexual molestation of children in their care, and will be destroyed in a court of law.

The Celtic View, official magazine of Celtic Football Club, marked Celtic paedophile James Torbett's exit in 1974 after it was revealed he was molesting children in his care, with an article praising his success. A "season of glory" they called it. Jock Stein, who knew about Torbett's activities presents trophies to young members of an organisation Celtic F.C. now claims had nothing to do with them.


On completion of all court proceedings related to paedophilia at the Club Like No Other the Scottish Football Association must commission a full enquiry into the whitewash at the Theatre of Shame, up to and including present day.

This should include a review of the circumstances surrounding squalid efforts to continue suppression by those currently running the shamed organisation.

Anything less would represent a complete dereliction of duty and a continuation and aiding of the Celtic deception.

The Scottish public – and Scottish Lawyers – are watching.



by James Molloy


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