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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Tuesday, 14th May 2019

"With McCafferty today pleading guilty and being convicted of abuse it shows and puts beyond any doubt that the level of abuse that took place in a general Celtic football setting was absolutely prolific, it was horrific." - Patrick McGuire, a partner at Thompsons Solicitors who represent numerous victims of Celtic F.C.'s paedophiles, 14th May 2019

"The victims' lawyers want to see a judge-led inquiry into what they regard as the biggest abuse scandal in British sport" – Sky News, 14th May 2019

When HMRC decided they no longer liked the way Rangers F.C was conducting tax affairs no one at the club was accused of any crimes. No one at the club went to jail.

However the Scottish Football authorities decided the act of remunerating employees via disclosed and perfectly legal Employee Benefit Trusts was enough to demote the club to the very bottom tier of Scottish football and withhold prize monies. Other frenzied and hate-filled individuals wanted Rangers stripped of titles legitimately won during the period EBT's were used.

Today a SIXTH Celtic F.C. paedophile was convicted of the most heinous of crimes. James McCafferty, who worked as a coach and kit man at Celtic for more than 20 years, pled guilty to 12 charges including the attempted rape of a child in the Parkhead dressing room. The "separate entity" lies from the Lawwell-led nest of vermin have been destroyed.

Celtic officials Jock Stein, Jack McGinn, Kevin Kelly, Tommy Burns, Liam Brady, Lou Macari and many others were aware of the filth perpetrated at Celtic and choose to sweep it under the carpet. "Keep the name of the club clean at all times" as Stein instructed staff.


Stein, McNeil, McGinn, Kelly, Burns, Brady, Macari. They all knew


Let's be plain here. Celtic F.C. covered up the abhorrent degenerate crimes of their depraved employees and in doing so sealed the fates of other children in their care. Celtic re-employed James Torbett, a man known to them to have committed sick crimes against children, thus facilitating further reprehensible crimes he went on to commit.

Lawyers representing victims of Celtic paedophilia have described it as "the biggest abuse scandal in British sport" They are wrong. What has unfolded is most certainly the worst scandal in history of sport worldwide – The Celtic F.C. Paedophile Ring.

Celtic Football Club should be disbarred from ever playing again. Statues of paedophile harbourers should be pulled down and destroyed. The Theatre of Shame should be razed to the ground. Anything less is a victory for the immoral depravity that is The Club Like No Other.

Celtic F.C. are footballs Myra Hindley.


by 1972
by Drew Headmuir


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