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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
Friday, 19th July 2019

Following on from the article regards a recent Sun correction and the inextricable link between Celtic F.C. and Celtic Boys Club

 https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=277&a=jim-torbett,-paed0philia-and-celtic-football-club-(1) let's take a look at the opinions of the victims of Celtic paedophilia and the victims groups who support them.


Incare Survivors Service Scotland 6th November 2018

"Janine Rennie, chief executive of Incare Survivors Service Scotland, said it was 'very disappointing' that Celtic had not issued a statement following Torbett's conviction."


The Offside Trust Statement 8th February 2019

"As yet another Celtic Boys Club coach is jailed over abuse, it's time for a full investigation into who at Celtic knew what and when. There should be no hiding place for those who tolerate, facilitate or cover up abuse at any club……. the club should not be viewed as a 'separate legal entity' and should therefore compensate victims of abuse."


Victim 1 speaking to Daily Record 6th November 2018

"He said he is angry at the way Celtic FC has tried to disassociate itself from Celtic Boys’ Club since the sexual abuse became public. He said: 'Now you hear this attempted disassociation between Celtic Boys’ Club and Celtic Football Club.'

'When I was there Celtic Boys’ Club was the feeder club to Celtic Football Club. Any functions we were at, there were Celtic players there, Celtic management there, there were Celtic directors there, you trained at Barrowfield which was Celtic’s training ground. You were always in contact with Celtic players, on bank holidays, playing friendlies."

Then there was this attempt to disassociate. Torbett should never have been allowed back in there. He walked around Parkhead as if he owned it. He was treated like a God, with people opening doors for him and allowing him access to any part of the building or grounds.”

The stance Celtic have taken saying they do not have any legal responsibility is revolting and insulting. Celtic FC called the shots with the boys club. It's time the club acted with some basic decency over our legal claims.' "


Victim 2 speaking to STV 7th February 2019 following the conviction of Celtic F.C. paedophile Frank Cairney. Cairney had revealed in court that he was on Celtic F.C.'s payroll.

"What me and the other victims of abuse at Celtic now want to see is the senior club take responsibility for the action of these abusers who operated with complete freedom within Celtic Park. The stance Celtic have taken saying they do not have any legal responsibility is revolting and insulting. Celtic FC called the shots with the boys club. It's time the club acted with some basic decency over our legal claims."


Victim 3 speaking to STV 7th February 2019 following the Cairney conviction

"I would also like to say to Celtic Football Club who continue to deny they have any responsibility for what went on at the boys club, how can you live with yourself? I believe that Celtic knew what was going on at the boys club and did nothing. How many children were abused and lives ruined because you chose to do nothing? Now you say that myself and other survivors have no civil case against you. All I can say is shame on you Celtic Football Club."


Victim 4 speaking to BBC 7th February 2019 following Cairney conviction

"The victim of Cairney the BBC spoke to had previously said that when he played for the Boys Club, they were regular visitors to Celtic Park and used to sweep the terraces there.

He said: 'Celtic FC have been in denial of the association with the Boys Club. It's appalling; please stop it. Some of this abuse was carried out within the Celtic Park dressing room as well as in his car. "We were part of Celtic, to say the Boys Club wasn't is disingenuous. We even swept the terraces at Parkhead. Celtic need to hold their hands up and admit that now.' "


Victim 5 speaking about convicted Celtic F.C. paedophile employee Jim McCafferty to The Sun 14th May 2019

"CELTIC Boys Club was at the centre of paedophile ring cover-up claims tonight after a fourth predator was nailed.

One victim of kitman James McCafferty, 73 alleged a beasts’ network abused starlets 'for many years'. He said 'I genuinely believe there has been a paedophile ring in operation for many years. I believe it has been covered up by various people in various prominent positions.' "


Victim 6 Kenny Campbell, who has waived his right to anonymity, Daily Record 17th May 2019

"People need to know the truth. For Celtic FC to claim they are separate from the boys’ club is total nonsense and this information uncovered by the Record shows that.”

Victim 7 Daily Record 17th May 2019

"The mother of tragic former Celtic Boys' Club player Andrew Gray's says she is shocked and horrified that Celtic were aware of the claims in 1986. . She said 'It is the first we have heard of Celtic holding an investigation as far back as that. To think it made Torbett’s position stronger is sickening.' ”





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by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan


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