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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
Monday, 26th August 2019

Some of you may have noticed a rather pathetic and twisted attempt by gutter journalist and Celtic supporter Marcello Mega to link Rangers to Celtic's worldwide paedophile scandal and child sex trafficking ring at the weekend

Under the banner headline "MONSTERS UNITED Footie beasts Gordon Neely and Frank Cairney hatched plot for Celtic Boys Club players to train at Rangers"  Mr. Mega-Failure only succeeded in highlighting the difference between Rangers and the paedophile -harbouring Club Like No Other.


We thank him for that.


Rather than reproduce Mega's article, let's highlight the only paragraph that really matters.



Scottish Sun, Sunday August 25th 2019


“On one occasion the parents of a boy approached Rangers because Neely had spoken inappropriately. Neely was dismissed immediately and reported to the police. It was important Rangers took both steps without delay to address this matter.”

"Celtic declined to comment"





The Times further confirmed that Rangers did what was right and proper:


The Times, Monday August 26th 2019 

"The parents of a boy approached Rangers because Neely had spoken inappropriately, Neely was dismissed immediately and reported to the Police"

" Celtic declined to comment"



This is not the first time this rather warped individual had attempted to smear Rangers, but he failed last time too.



Scottish Sun, December 3rd 2016


"Rangers fired abuse quiz coach Gordon Neely after boy made allegations against him. The Ibrox club revealed they alerted cops after top youth coach Neely was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards a teenage player. Neely was dismissed at a meeting attended by Souness and his assistant Walter Smith. The showdown took place in 1990 after the youngster confided in his dad, a serving police officer about an incident involving Neely. The club alerted cops."




We are led to believe Rangers' lawyers are watching Mr. Mega very closely.


As previously stated, Celtic – and the underclass that follow them – are a disease.





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