"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth


Written by: By Phillip Joseph Gerard Gillivan
Thursday, 10th June 2021

One notes that the Paedophile Club (copyright Talksport, Europe’s biggest sports radio station) have appointed a new football manager.

Second choice to Eddie Howe, the world-famous Ange Postecoglou - formerly in charge of football giants Panachaiki, Melbourne Victory, Brisbane Roar and Yokohama F. Marinos - is now drinking from the poison chalice.

In November 2017 Mr. Postecoglou quit as manager of the Australian national side quoting “intense pressure both personally and professionally”. It’s nice to see the new regime now running the show at Torbett Towers have done their homework. Welcome to the Glasgow goldfish bowl Mr. B-List.

Meanwhile the bets are now on. How long before the underclass who follow the Paedophile Club announce that they want him dead?

Having first proclaimed their undying love for their last manager, the Bheasts went on to throw rocks and bottles at unhinged booze-bag Neil Lennon outside the Theatre of Shame and even wished death upon him.


Prior to that, the man that Lennon had succeeded, Brendan Rogers, was told that the feral filth wanted him shot dead by their favourite terrorist organisation. In song no less.


One thing’s for sure. The Kerrydale Kiddyfiddling Klan will be hoping Mr. Postecoglou is as ambitious as his predecessor.


We will never forget you Neil Lennox.




by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
by Bomber Harris


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