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A Ray of Light?

Written by: 1972
Saturday, 28th December 2019

After such a long time of putting up with an agenda in the media, in the stands and on the pitch against Alfredo Morelos, it came as a bit of a surprise this morning that Daily Record journalist Gary Ralston put his head above the parapet to call out some of the maltreatment of our best player.

Of course, working in the media, he has stopped short of calling out his colleagues in the press, but this has to be the next step.

Morelos had not long landed in Scotland, when Ralston’s colleague Keith Jackson had written a piece about the player littered with a variety of insults about his Columbian background, including Cartel and Coke references.

That was only the start of it, with Alfredo subjected to an ongoing vendetta by various journalists, and most opposition supports across the country, with his every move analysed and treated differently by the SFA and its referees, as well as the broadcasters Sky, BT and BBC Scotland.

Over the last 20 years, there has been a notable trend in the media, which has extended out to the terraces, which has appeared to accept any form of racism providing the victims are not white, Scottish, Irish, or connected in some way to Bheast FC.

While religion has been an obvious contentious area in Scottish society for many years, it would appear that the Scottish Footballing community now simply detests players, coaches and managers of any religion based on their colour and their country of birth, with the only exception being a connection to Bheast FC.

It’s been going on so long that it’s ingrained in Scottish Society, and these moral crusaders who question Rangers supporters singing anti- terrorist songs are in no position to moralise to anyone.

It’s not that long ago that one of the moralists (Bill Leckie) called Lorenzo Amoruso a greasy haired Italian. Imagine the rage in Scottish media had one of our players gone to Italy and been the victim of a vile racist slur?

In more recent times, coaches such as Pedro Caixinha and Angelo Allesio have been targeted almost upon landing in the country, in a way that no coach from Scotland would be.

Supporters of many of Scotland’s “family” clubs appear to turn on such coaches and players and join in the victimisation of Rangers staff rather than stand up for professionals who have come here to help out their club.

I do hope Ralston’s brave move today is only the start. Scotland needs to stop shaming itself and start behaving in the way it thinks it already does.

It's somewhat heartening to see some headlines today reporting Steven Gerrard's comments on fair treatment from referees being needed. In this week alone there have been two incidents involving Celtic players, where they should have been sent off, and therefor missing from tomorrow's match.

BBC Scotland have been quick to dismiss such calls when it's plain as the eye can see that the incidents involving Griffiths and Jullien are worthy of punishment.

It's notable that the SFA Compliance Officer has disappeared off the face of the earth, and it's time that anyone in the media who isn't a Bheast needs to start challenging what's going on in our game.

We deserve better.


by 1972
by D'Artagnan


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