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Martin Og Meehan

Written by: Admin
Sunday, 1st February 2015

Vanguard Bears Admin congratulates the two Belfast-based VB operatives who exposed Martin Og Meehan, resulting in the following statement being released by GARC.


Re. The Collaboration of Martin Og Meehan with Loyalists

On Saturday 24th January GARC were contacted by a prominent former Republican POW from Tyrone. This individual's brother had been engaged in a Twitter debate with a Loyal Order figure who is also a member of a prominent Loyalist family in the Ballysillan area of North Belfast.

In the course of this debate, the loyalist suggested that GARC were split and this was refuted. In an attempt to back up his argument, the loyalist privately messaged this individual with screenshots of a private Twitter conversation he had engaged in with Martin Og Meehan. In this screenshot, Meehan passes him a comment made by Dee Fennell on Facebook relating to armed actions by Republicans, suggesting that loyalists "use this."

Further on in the conversation, Meehan says that Dee Fennell " is hated in Ardoyne and needs took down a peg or two. You should expose him." The loyalist, in further conversations with the individual from Tyrone, indicated that this screenshot was only to "prove" the divisions in GARC. He also indicated that he had numerous screenshots of conversations with Meehan.

The screenshot of the described conversation was then passed to Dee Fennell, our Chairperson. He called to Meehan's home, accompanied by a well respected former IRA POW from Ardoyne who has known Meehan for decades, on the afternoon of Sat 24th January. Meehan was challenged in regards to the screenshots, and denied sending the messages while accepting the Twitter account was his. He was asked to open his laptop in the kitchen and go through his Twitter messages with the ex POW, while Dee Fennell remained in his living room. Despite being asked on several occasions, with the seriousness of the matter spelt out, he refused to do so. On leaving the house, he was again asked, to which he replied - "I refuse."

As Martin Og Meehan was a member of RNU, GARC immediately contacted their Belfast leadership, and passed the information available on to them. We gave an obligation not to discuss the matter publicly until their detailed investigation had concluded.

Tonight RNU have released a statement which publicises his expulsion from their organisation. GARC welcomes this development. We have also been informed that like many political, community, sporting and youth organisations, RNU continue to fully support the analysis and strategy of GARC. We welcome this also.

The activities of Martin Og Meehan were intended to undermine the integrity of our Chairperson, Committee, Residents and the valuable work we do. They were an attempt to cause division from within. Along with those he collaborated with, he has failed.

Martin Og Meehan is tonight isolated and alone, found guilty of collaborating and colluding with loyalists, after passing information to them about a respected Republican and Community Activist. A community that has suffered so much through collusion, will no doubt be scathing in their reaction to one of our own for assisting loyalists.

For the record, GARC remain united and retain the overwhelming support of Ardoyne, Marrowbone, Mountainview and Dales residents. We will continue to campaign and work to benefit this community through radical and innovative action, assisting and advocating for residents on a daily basis. We move forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and thank residents for their continued support.

GARC will make no further public statement on this matter.


by Super Ali
by BB


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