"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

Chip, Chip, Chip.....

Written by: Lutheran
Saturday, 28th February 2015

While Celtic fans are allowed to sing their sectarian songs of hate with impunity, we thought it worth revisiting these prophetic words, penned by one of our Administrators in 2006 and posted on football forum Follow Follow.

It has never been so clear that those who hate us will not stop their vendetta until our very existence as a football club and support is gone.

Stop Orangemen from entering your stadium for their annual Church parade and it will go a long way to removing the stigma of you being a sectarian club.

We did it.

Sign a Roman Catholic, a Scottish/Glaswegian one, and it will go a long way to removing the stigma of you being a sectarian club.

We did it.

Withdraw those Orange tops that were your clubs most popular, as we think they have sectarian overtones attached to them.

We did it.

Yes, but you have never had a Roman Catholic captain in your side ever.

Step forward Lorenzo Amoruso.

We did it.

Yes but you never, ever had a Roman Catholic on your board at any time.

Bob Brannan.

We did it.

Yes, but that "Simply the Best" is sectarian, it'll have to go.

We did it.

Aye, you lot have never ever had a Roman Catholic manager.

Paul Le Guen.

We did it.

Yes, but you fly flags that are sectarian, like the Union flag.

You say "We Are The People" which is sectarian.

You sing "God Save The Queen" which is sectarian.

The flag and only National Anthem of your country is sectarian?

Your display of cards depicting a Union flag and two Saltires were akin to a Nuremberg Rally.

My nation’s flag and my country's flag together are Nazi flags now?

I'll be reporting you to Sepp Blatter for your singing through the Champions League theme at the start of your matches.

That's an offence now is it?

Rangers players attacked in the street by vermin.

No arrests.

Rangers players homes and cars attacked by vermin.

No arrests.

Rangers players attacked at Celtic Park with lighters and mobile phones thrown from the stands.

No arrests.

The waving of Union flags and the playing of the Dambusters song is ''Militaristic''.

Is it really? In our own Country?

Singing ''Rule Britannia'' is sectarian and offensive.

Written by a Scotsman and a song that is British?

If you drop ''Eff Tee Pee'' it will all end at that.

We did it.

Now, in February 2015, the handwringers in our support say we must stop singing “No Surrender”.

Do you think it will end at that?



by Admin
by BB


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