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Statement on bigotry within the SNP

Written by: Admin
Monday, 27th April 2015

Once again Rangers supporters are subjected to hate crime, this time from SNP candidate for Argyll and Bute, Brendan O'Hara.

This bigoted, self-confessed Celtic supporter Mr O'Hara, although having since offered an insincere apology for his bigoted behaviour, thinks it is acceptable to label Rangers supporters as "Huns", a term that not only the Government-sponsored registered charity group "Nil by Mouth" deem sectarian, but the law of the country too.

To date, the SNP, who advocate an anti-sectarian initiative in Scotland, have refused to condemn O'Hara's comments and their lack of punitive action in this instance merely leads a concerned electorate to believe that they actually endorse his comments.

At the weekend, Glasgow citizens were subjected to the sight of IRA terror bands, who hold despicable views such as endorsing the murder of innocent British children, being welcomed to George Square by anti-Union, SNP activists in a sinister show of anti-Britishness, orchestrated by those who seek to oppress.



The Rangers supporting electorate in Argyll and Bute, as well as other country-wide, law-abiding Unionists should heed these developments and ensure their voting intentions are implemented accordingly in next month's General Election.

As Rangers supporters, we demand that Police Scotland takes action against bigoted Brendan O'Hara and that the SNP remove him as their candidate for Argyll & Bute, as well as offer an apology to all victims of his sectarianism.


by Aces High
by D'Artagnan


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