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Decisive Vote, Devisive Nation

Written by: D'Artagnan
Monday, 22nd September 2014

Something sinister is happening in our country. It is both unhealthy and unedifying. Perhaps as Scots we should bookmark this moment in time. When we ask ourselves in the future how we arrived at such an unpleasant place as a nation, we can look back to this moment as a suitable point of reference.

What was claimed to be a "joyous celebration of democracy" is now turning into an attempt to usurp the democratic process. Amidst Yes supporters claims of "broken promises," perhaps someone should remind them that they agreed to respect the result of the referendum win, lose or draw. However we now have Alex Salmond and Jim Sillars suggesting that an alternative of means of gaining independence should be pursued.

But if the usurping of democratic process was not bad enough, even more unpalatable have been those within the YES camp who have vented their anger for defeat at the ballot box on Scotland's OAP's.

Such unhealthy internet bampottery was unfortunately given "credence" today, courtesy of the outgoing First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond:

"I mean when you have a situation where the majority of a country up to the age of 55 is already voting for independence then I think the writing's on the wall for Westminster. I think the destination is pretty certain, we are only now debating the timescale and the method," he said.

"I think Scots of my generation and above should really be looking at themselves in the mirror and wonder if we by majority, as a result of our decision, have actually impeded progress for the next generation which is something no generation should do."

This is particularly difficult to reconcile with YES Scotland's claims to promote a fairer Scotland and attempted sole ownership of social justice. Ask yourself, what kind of society vilifies a section of the population, and a vulnerable section at that, for not agreeing or sharing a particular vision?

Furthermore is Alex Salmond suggesting ageing voters should cast their vote based upon a perception of what the younger generation want? What next Alex – an upper age limit should there be a further referendum in the future?

Given that Gordon Brown and the Westminster politicians who vowed to grant more powers to the Scottish parliament have assured Scots that this process remains very much on track, perhaps if YES supporters are looking for those guilty of broken promises, its they who should be looking in that mirror.

Despite the promise to accept and move on together as a nation following the referendum, a considerable number of YES supporters have sought to identify and separate themselves by means of #45. The exclusive and divisive nature of this action and message prompted YES supporter Andrew Wilson to tweet:

"Memo to yessers (corrected): to win progress we need to build a bridge between the 45 and 55 not dig a trench."

I would suggest it's more than a trench Andrew, it's now a gaping chasm and it's growing day by day as many Scots see a more sinister face to YES Scotland. The mask has slipped revealing a petulant child throwing a tantrum because they did not get their way, consisting of people who are prepared to vilify the most vulnerable in our society rather than face up to the failings of their own election campaign.

Even The Queen has not been spared the wrath of YES Scotland.

This is the extent of the "intervention" Sillars refers to. The subsequent Buckingham Palace Statement is crystal clear.



Perhaps it's time clarification was sought, as the respective comments of Mr Sillars and Mr Salmond are clearly at odds with one another.

Of course it's not the first time the two have appeared to disagree. Salmond realising the damage Sillars' "Day of reckoning" tweets were causing refuted such claims stating the 19th of September would be "a day of celebration" in the event of a YES vote.

"The day after a Yes vote there will cease to be a No campaign and Yes campaign - only Team Scotland. We will approach the success of Yes with magnanimity to all. The day after a Yes vote will be a day of celebration for the people, not reckoning for big companies drawn into the No campaign by Downing Street."

Of course, to use an expression Alex Salmond is eminently familiar with, "within the context of the debate" (Remember the EU legal advice that never was) Salmond has a technical "out" given that there was no YES vote. Perhaps that's why certain journalists faced a day of reckoning by being banned from the press conference announcing his resignation.

Does the entailment of that mean that the promised "Team Scotland" will not materialise either? It certainly appears that way, and our nation will be all the poorer as a consequence.


by D'Artagnan
by The Ref


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