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Coins, Cups and Golf Balls...

Written by: albertz
Tuesday, 1st March 2016

I often wonder why people make up stories. You know, the ones where they follow the lead of one complainer and turn the whole scenario into a major issue. Way back in December, the 12th to be exact, a football match took place in Glasgow. Greenock Morton called into Ibrox for a league match with Rangers. The match ended in a draw, which was a fair result on the day, what followed though is just another chapter in the never-ending onslaught of hatred aimed at Rangers Football Club and its fans by many sections of the press and media groups in this country.

The following is just some of the headlines and comments that were printed, and are indicative of just how despised Rangers are:

Golf balls rained down on the Morton fans. Rangers fans throw bottles at away fans. Children hit with cups of juice. Quotes from a Morton fan: "We complained to Police but they done nothing". “The stewards laughed at us”. “We were terrified someone was going to get seriously inured.”

Even Morton chairman Douglas Rae got involved in the big LIE, when he claimed that Rangers fans hurled objects, including a Buckfast bottle, into the away section at Ibrox a fortnight ago. According to the Golden Casket chief, items including coins, pies, golf balls and a tonic wine container all rained down on the Ton travelling support as their side claimed a surprise 2-2 draw in Govan. Writing in his programme notes for the match with Raith, he said: “Regrettably, some Rangers fans were not at all pleased and resorted to pelting the Morton fans with coins, pies, Bovril, and even golf balls.


That was a sad end to an exciting match. ”Chief executive Gillian Donaldson confirmed the club had contacted Rangers and Police Scotland regarding the incidents in question. She told the Tele: “We were contacted by a couple of supporters regarding incidents that took place during the Rangers game. We followed them up with both Police Scotland, who are investigating the matter, and Rangers, who have advised that they are reviewing procedures. We, as a club, have also offered any help and support we can to them regarding the incidents.”  Complete LIES, as the answers to a FoI request to Police Scotland proves below.

Hibs fans groups also added their tuppence worth, jumping on the bandwagon agreeing with the usual hatred and lies. Ain't it funny that not one of these reporting clowns in the media ever complain about terrorist support in this country!

Davie Provan, the second-rate wannabe football writer is also a serial LIAR.........he wrote similar nonsense in a Sun website article.

The comments above from the Morton chairman are shocking as are the lies from the club Chief Executive. Did any of them stop and ask themselves 'What if someone asks Police Scotland for a report on this'? Well that is exactly what has been done and here are the findings:

Date: 29 February 2016
Our Ref: IM-FOI-2016-0142
Phil Gormley QPM
Chief Constable

I refer to your recent request for information which has been handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

For ease of reference, your request is replicated below together with the response.

  • How many persons were arrested inside the ground from both Rangers and Morton fans?
    I can confirm that there were 3 arrests made within the stadium.

  • How many complaints did Police receive from Morton fans regards glass bottles being thrown at them from Rangers fans?

    I can confirm that 1 report of a bottle being thrown from the Rangers fans into the Morton fans and 1 Complaint against the Police were taken post-match.

  • How many complaints did Police receive from Morton fans regards coins etc being thrown at them from the top tiers in the Govan and Broomloan stands?

    Police Scotland have no such complaints recorded.

  • Did CCTV video footage capture items being thrown at Morton fans from Rangers fans?

    No evidence been obtained from CCTV.

  • Did Morton fans make complaints to Stewards on duty that day about the above incidents and if so why were they ignored?

    Police Scotland have no such complaints recorded.

  • Did Morton fans make complaints to Police Officers on duty that day about the above incidents and if so why were they ignored?

    I would ask that you refer to the responses provided above for questions 2 and 3.7.

  • Did Greenock Morton FC officials in fact make complaint to Police Scotland regards these incidents?

    Police Scotland have no formal complaints recorded.

Information Management
01786 895 862

Number seven above is the most horrible lie told by staff of Greenock Morton Football Club, a complete false statement that should see this club charged with disrepute by the SFA. Morton's CEO has made a complete false accusation towards another member club and nothing has been done....as of now.

Also as you can see, NO PROOF of any bottle throwing whatsoever, just allegations.

This brings me finally to Rangers Football Club themselves who issued this statement “We, as a club, have also offered any help and support we can to them regarding the incidents.”

I hope the Club has the decency to apologise to their loyal supporters. Far too often Rangers has hung its fans out to dry...this is just another one of those occasions in a long long line of wrongdoing to their fans. I hope the Board hang their heads in shame.

At the very least Rangers should be demanding an apology from Greenock Morton FC, and be challenging the SPFL for action to be taken against that member club for bringing the game into disrepute.


by John McCrae
by albertz


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