"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

You Will Like This -- Not A Lot

Written by: D'Artganan
Tuesday, 6th October 2015

“Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”


In terms of anger, it is difficult to calculate which would be the most infuriating. Whether the writings of blogger John James are part of an ongoing battle between two PR companies where our club is both the battleground as well as recipient of collateral damage, or, as has been alleged, forms part of the latest campaign by “Celtic minded” individuals to de-stabilise our club. Whilst both possible scenarios are particularly unedifying, history has demonstrated that many are willing to tread the unedifying road in order to inflict damage on our club.

There exists, of course a third possibility. That John James is entirely accurate in his assessment and that the various allegations he makes about our current board, and in particular Dave King, have some merit. However, having witnessed our good friend PZJ completely usurp a number of Mr James’ claims when he posted on the now extinct Rangers Supporters Loyal comments section of their website, I would have my reservations. When I use the term “completely usurp” I refer to the presentation of facts in such a way, which quite literally ripped Mr James a new one. Of course, should Auchenhowie be closed this month, or Admin 2 befall us, I will be forced to review my assessment of his accuracy.

Those who read my articles in WATP magazine will be familiar with my use of the word “vigilance”. It’s a double edge sword in as much as that vigilance should be exercised not only to the custodians of our club but also to those who seek to undermine them. There are still a lot of bruised egos out there following the not so distant power struggle and it has become clear that it is not only scorned women for whom hell hath no fury. As a Rangers fan I find it impossible to reconcile any wish or desire to see this current board fail. That viewpoint is held not because of an unswerving loyalty to the current incumbents but from a stark realisation of the consequences for our club were they to do so.

There is perhaps a lesson in all of this for our board, or it may well be the lessons have already been learnt. But promises made to the support require to be realistic and actionable as well as delivered. There may well be bona fide reasons why the promised Nomad is still not in place, but does that not deter from the fact it was an assurance given which has not yet come to fruition. Whilst it may well be that has been caused by circumstances beyond the control of the current board that in itself serves to underline that the original assurance should have been tempered somewhat.

Fortunately there is an antidote available to our board to counter the effects of those intent on spreading poison – it’s called actions speak louder than words. It would be refreshing and reassuring for the support if the man with the magic hat was able to pull the promised investment from it in order to strengthen our squad in preparation for next season.

Would our detractors like that?

Not a lot. But we would.


by John McCrae
by The Ref


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