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Can This Comic Get Any Worse?

Written by: Nineteen-SeventyTwo
Friday, 4th December 2015

As The Sunday Herald has continued its steady decline from fairly respectable if parochial newspaper, to a hate-filled platform for rude photo-shoppers, any hope that the paper would recover some integrity and credibility have been smashed by two recent appointments.

Firstly, the replacement for retiring editor Richard Walker was announced as the hapless fantasist Neil McKay, and secondly, the newly installed Editor has employed one of the most bitter bloggers in the UK as a “journalist” to cover sport, in the shape of Angela Haggerty.

Neither individual has any objectivity to the Rangers support, or to the unionist community.

Haggerty is perhaps best known for her involvement in the book by estranged Scot Phil MacGiollaBhain AKA Phil Gillivan/White, who shares both a love for Celtic and a hatred for Rangers with Ms Haggerty.

Here at VB, we have highlighted Ms Haggerty’s form before:



Ms Haggerty has made a name for herself as an associate to MacGiollabhain, and while he has been persona non grata in Scottish Media , it would appear that she has an ally in fellow Rangers hater McKay.

On Social Media, Ms Haggerty uses terms such as Sevco to describe Rangers, and various other questionable terms that suggest a relative detachment from objectivity when discussing anything even teniously related to Rangers or unionism.


@AngelaHaggerty "a social club for people still clinging on to a white British Protestant identity that resolves around fancy dress, Rangers Football Club... "

@AngelaHaggerty "This time 2 years ago @Pmacgiollabhain and I were working frantically on Downfall. What an amazing 2 years it's been. The truth won #Rangers"

Let’s not forget the several uses of the term “Ibrox Klan” in Gillivan’s book that Ms Haggerty edited


McKay, for his part is also no stranger to VB, following an “on the ground” report of the George Square No Vote celebrations that were hijacked by nationalists intent on trouble.

Across several paragraphs McKay penned a diatribe against our site, blaming VB for the organisation of the Unionist get-together, and for the trouble that kicked off.


In addition, in an effort to attribute blame to our site, he misquoted blogger D’Artagnan as D’Artagnan writes here


Now, there is so much wrong with McKay’s rant, that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Perhaps we should focus on the evening itself, and McKay’s coverage.

Unionists descended on George Square on Sep 19th to Celebrate Scotland seeing sense and voting to save our great Union.

Was there any level of organisation to it? Yes. Was VB instrumental in the organisation of this gathering? No. Did we have any involvement at all in organising the gathering? No. The gathering was arranged on social media and mentioned on several Rangers fan sites and unionists descended on Glasgow City Centre to celebrate.

More importantly, in the wider black propaganda piece blaming unionists for a “riot”, he neglects to mention the presence and agent provocateur antics of several prominent Irish Republican extremists.

As pointed out in the blog “themanthebheastscanttame”, republicans associated to the Real IRA terror organisation were present, including the republican Alan Smart, Chris McCann, Kristopher Snowdon and one agent provocateur republican captured on video within the unionist group, then in a later video attacking a unionist, as well as several other unidentified individuals, after police had dispersed the crowd.


Make no mistake, this celebration was hi-jacked by extremist Irish Republicans, who encouraged Scottish Nationalists to attend an event that they intended to disrupt, and the reporter of that black propaganda article in the Sunday Herald to completely misrepresent the night has now been appointed Editor of that newspaper.

Let that sink in.

He has also employed a “journalist” most famous for editing a “book” that was pulled from The Sun, due to its author being “tarred with a sectarian brush”

Without wishing to trivialise the incidents where individuals were set upon, such as the one involving the republican MOD attacking a unionist, there is worse going on a regular basis on the Gallowgate in Glasgow, with Glasgow’s media reluctant to point out just what is going on. McKay and others presented some shouting and aggro initiated by Irish Republican and Scottish Nationalist extremists as a “riot”.

I can’t imagine any sensible person in Scotland continuing to buy The Sunday Herald, but the unsuspecting public should know the mind-set of those at the comic.

Please sign the petition via this link to have Haggerty removed from her position - https://www.change.org/p/remove-angela-haggerty-from-the-sunday-herald-known-vile-bigot


by John McCrae
by Graham Kane


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