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Lie After Lie

Written by: Nineteen-SeventyTwo
Monday, 6th June 2016

It surprised me no end to see a respected and credible broadsheet journalist reference a VB article, in her own observation of the sheer hatred and venom the Rangers support face in Scotland. Ruth Dudley Edward’s piece was a welcome intervention, and should ring alarm bells that such a credible objective voice should criticise the anti-Rangers bigotry rife in Scotland.

I should not be surprised that she picked out “The Ref”’s piece, as it was another well put together and well informed piece about the current environment that the Rangers support finds itself in, and it was most certainly of a quality that a good broadsheet should be publishing.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already read it to read it here:


Ironically, one response to Dudley-Edwards, from long term Rangers hater Angela Haggerty, was to cite the mythical VB “Death list”, which really is rather tiresome but still worth addressing. To be clear, an article once featured on VB accompanied by a montage of individuals was photoshopped elsewhere on social media (when one of the individuals on it passed away) to indicate that one Rangers hater was no-more. Was it distasteful? Of course. Was it a “death list”, and was it a VB “death list”? Absolutely not, but why let that get in the way of a good lie about a group of Rangers fans dedicated to exposing those who make it their life to attack Rangers.

So, yes, the response to an accusation that certain people operate in a certain manner confirms that is exactly how they operate.

The second lie from Ms Haggerty was to cite a myth laden “account” of the scuffles on the evening of 19th September 2014 following Scotland voting No to Independence, blaming VB, and written by Ms Haggerty’s employer, backer and editor at the Sunday Herald Neil McKay.

This laughable account offered no evidence whatsoever of VB even being present at the George Square celebration of a No vote, which was hijacked by aggrieved Yes voters intent on spoiling the party. The celebratory gathering was instigated on Facebook and Twitter, with an impromptu walk from unionist pubs on Duke Street in Glasgow to George Square. I’m sure if the Sunday Herald wished to go over old ground and properly look in to these events, they will find absolutely no involvement from VB whatsoever. Rather than do that they picked the lazy and inaccurate option.

Furthermore, Rangers blogger “themanthebheastscanttame” wrote at great length, with pictorial evidence, of known Irish Republicans acting as Agents Provocateur at George Square and around the city centre on the night, taking liberties after the event, with single attendees heading home being attacked


What The Ref wrote about, and Dudley Edwards picked up on, is a culture in Scotland where lying and denigrating the Rangers support is a mainstream activity, being driven by Republicans and Nationalists hell bent on smashing the last bastion of unionism in Scotland.

What they haven’t reckoned on is VB countering every last lie, and exposing every liar responsible.

We will not be cowed or bullied by liars.


by BlueBear67
by Admin


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