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Vote Wisely Bears

Written by: 1972
Wednesday, 17th October 2018

Vote Wisely Bears

As you will no doubt know, a number of emails relating to SNP run Glasgow City Council’s intervention on the proposed Rangers fanzone have now been released, thanks to an FOI submitted by Rangers fan group Club1872.

Club 1872 published said documents yesterday and have been supported by Twitter’s @therangersobserver in pinpointing some of the activity undertaken by council leader Susan Aitken and depute leader David McDonald.

The detail is astonishing indicating not only that these two councillors intervened in the process to award a licence to Rangers, but that subsequent activity has involved McDonald apparently brokering a booking at the Ibrox Football Centre to clash with timings of Rangers matches, and Aitken sending very questionable communications regarding evidence cited by Rangers CEO Stewart Robertson.

To add insult to injury, the FOI information released contradicts statements from both McDonald and Aitken, who denied there had been any sort of intervention, before Aitken accused both the club and her critics of sectarianism, for having the audacity to challenge what she’d done, while McDonald was paying scant regard to new GDPR regulations by releasing select emails including personal contact details.

Stewart Robertson’s letter to Aitken, which was released as part of the FOI is to be commended, as is the request itself, and the analysis done by Club 1872 and RangersObserver.

The message here from VB is very simple, and goes out to the any Rangers fans who have voted SNP, or shown any support for the Yes movement over the last 5 years.

You are being taken for mugs by that party, who are working across the country to damage Rangers Football Club.

That should be something you have an issue with, and you should be contacting your local SNP representatives to take action to ensure our club are treated fairly, and you should not vote for that party until such time as there is tangible evidence that the SNP are truly a party for all.

Of course, you are entitled to whatever political beliefs you hold, but you should know that, despite some sterling propaganda, the Nationalist movement in Scotland is not progressive in any way shape or form, and is playing the electorate by picking up policies along the way that it believes are representative of the Scottish people as it drives on its one track journey towards Independence.

The arguments over whether Independence is the right solution or the wrong solution may be for another day, however, you should be clear that the Nationalist movement has been hijacked by those of an Irish Republican persuasion with no interest in Scotland, other than it being a tool to drive Northern Ireland out of the UK. Whether we like it or not, our club, as a focal point for Unionism for many years, is in the crosshairs of these people.

That means that, if you support the prospect of an Independent Scotland, then you accept that part of the Nationalist agenda is to damage our club, so at the very least, you should be putting desires for Independence on hold to ensure that the movement you have embraced genuinely becomes a fair party acting for all.

You know what, even though it’s not my political view, if you do that convincingly you may actually win over enough No voters disgusted by the Anti English racism and overt Republicanism to your side.


by James Molloy
by Digby Brown


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