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Scotland's Eternal Shame

Written by: The Ref
Saturday, 7th January 2017

In the 60's and 70's the likes of Stuart Hall and Jimmy Savile were given celebrity status. While one regularly appeared on 'It's a knockout', the other was an icon of BBC television. Both were very popular: both were paedophiles. Such was their popularity, and power within the BBC, neither were investigated properly into claims of sexual abuse and molestation against very young children, until after the death of Savile.

I want you to think about those crimes. Molesting a child, raping a child, taking away the purity of a child's mind; forever.

Imagine if it was you, or your child.


How would you feel?

Anger, hatred, and a thirst for revenge/justice against the perpetrators would be high on most lists, I imagine. Although Hall was brought to justice; Savile escaped it. It saddens me that Savile victims will never see him brought before a crown court judge to answer for his crimes.

Move on to the Roman Catholic Church. How many victims will never see justice, due to the Vatican covering up abuse, and paedophiles being protected by those who inhabit the Vatican City?

Now think about organised leisure activities, boys and girls sporting clubs, activity clubs, indeed: any activity which offers paedophiles the opportunity to indulge in their perverted, disgusting lust for children. Although it may be more difficult for paedophiles to gain access to those opportunities now, it is only known paedophiles who are not able to gain access to children's activities. What about the ones who haven't been caught yet? Well therein lies a problem. What if people/organisations/clubs, knew about paedophiles and didn't say anything or report them to the authorities so that they could be identified, prosecuted, punished and prevented from gaining access to children through the legal process? What normal person could actually do nothing, and put the innocence of other children at risk?

Sporting clubs have been making the headlines in recent times, with revelations about paedophiles destroying the innocence of young boys at football clubs in England. It would be folly to think that such vile practices were limited to English football clubs; particularly when it is commonly known that paedophiles operated at clubs in Scotland too. While the Government, the media, the police, and the FA in England, are ordering/conducting investigations into all allegations, present and historic, in Scotland you would be hard pressed to get any kind of reaction if you asked the First Minister, the media, or the SFA, what they are going to do about investigating allegations of paedophilia and molestation of children at Scottish football clubs.

Even questioning the inability or lack of willingness to investigate past and present crimes against children within Scottish football sees the person raising the question accused of 'point scoring'.

Really? Do you want to think about that for a few moments? Mentioning the lack of action taken by the authorities over the rape and sexual assaults of children, is brushed aside and the concerned people raising the issues, accused of point scoring?

How bad does it have to be in Scotland?

In this country, raping and molestation of children is the most heinous crime imaginable. To trivialise it, by accusing those who ask for proper investigations, of point scoring, is unforgiveable. Not just in this country, but anywhere, in any civilised country, anywhere in the world.

While Nicola Sturgeon prioritises wrecking Scotland in order to facilitate her dream of independence, she ignores the safety and wellbeing of our children. She would much rather have someone of her choosing being in charge of our children, than the child's parents.

While the media refuses to properly investigate historic accusations of child abuse in Scotland, and the SFA prioritises its reputation over the safety of our children, then the lack of action against paedophiles operating within Scottish sport: past and present; will be Scotland's eternal shame.


by 1972
by The Ref


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