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- William Struth


Written by: PHIL WHITE
Wednesday, 14th November 2018

 “It is time for Celtic to face up to its responsibilities. Terrible things were done in the name of Celtic, and it’s time for directors to live up to their responsibilities as individuals as well as representatives of the club. They have a legal and moral responsibility to acknowledge terrible wrongs were done in the name of the club, and as well as a sincere apology, they need to face up to the consequences of that.”

Patrick McGuire, Senior Partner Thompson Solicitors

So you start work in a new office.

After a few weeks, you're getting to know the bloke who sits near you. Seems friendly enough.

Then the bombshell arrives.

The bloke announces that he's a huge Gary Glitter fan. Owns every piece of vinyl the singer has produced in his long career, and despite his subsequent convictions for sexually molesting children, your colleague remains a Glitter fan and won't hear a word against him.

You're sickened and quickly distance yourself from your new friend. You consider asking the boss if you can move desks. You really don't want to be breathing the same air as this creepy individual. You wonder if you should contact the police. And who can blame you.

Now let's consider The Bheast.

For the avoidance of doubt – Celtic FC covered up the sexual molestation of children in their care. Their actions, or more to the point inactions, led to even more young boys they were supposed to be looking after falling into the hands of Celtic monster James Torbett.


The Bheast supports this revolting organisation both vocally and financially. He buys his season ticket and his merchandise. He backs The Paedophile Club in song and chant. Some Bheasts (and discredited journalists), to the utter astonishment of any normal person, actually take their CHILDREN to a stadium where, as revealed in a court of law, Jock Stein and Celtic officials hatched a plan to cover up Torbett's sordid crimes. They are truly vile.

The Bheast is an utterly degenerate creature. Depraved and lacking as much as an ounce of moral fibre.

An indelible stain on Scottish society.


The Mark of The Bheast






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