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Scotland's Cancer

Written by: Drew Headmuir
Wednesday, 15th May 2019

Phil White may have hit the nail on the head last night with his take on the Celtic Sex Case scandal, however, it’s clear that Scotland is in a crisis, whereby integrity and fairness are cast aside by those in authority or in the media, where the topic includes the football clubs Celtic or Rangers.
The Celtic Boys Club scandal really shines a light on the morals and depravity of some.

When Celtic supporting Mark Daly doorstepped Jim Torbett in the US last year, he demonstrated that it is most definitely possible to be a Celtic supporter, to be impartial and to act with integrity.
While Rangers fans with long memories may have taken issue with his take on the Rangers EBT issues in 2011, he has since shown, unlike many others, that he will not shy away from reporting on the boys club scandal because it took place at his favourite football club, or from supporting the victims’ traumatised families.
If only many other leading lights in Government, the media, and Celtic FC would follow his lead.
Instead, we have murky SNP Scottish Government figures do everything other than attack the issue head on.

For several weeks, we’ve had Celtic supporting blowhard MSP James Dornan embarrass himself by either lying that he has supported victims’ families, or accusing the family of one victim of being bigots for campaigning for justice. You couldn’t make it up. To add insult to injury, upon Mr Daly reporting the sentence on James McCafferty yesterday, Dornan publicly requested Daly follow him on Twitter so he could DM him.
Meanwhile, Celtic Supporting Scottish Justice minister Humza Yousaf, after weeks of paying lip service to, or ignoring one victim’s family, has gone in to Radio Silence mode, as has First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. It would appear that after courting the votes of the Scottish Contingent of Celtic supporting Irish Republicans successfully in recent years , that the SNP Scottish Government will not do anything to upset the applecart. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

The links between Celtic Boys club and Barry Bennell demand public scrutiny. There is more than enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that a Paedophile ring operated out of Celtic Boys Club, with officials of Celtic FC being aware and allowing it to continue.

The reports on the BBC by Mark Daly, and by Peter Smith of ITV are more than enough to trigger a public enquiry.
Both Daly & Smith have reported that Celtic FC’s official newspaper, for many years carried progress reports for the Boys Club, written by convicted Celtic FC coach Frank Cairney, with accompanying photos of various high profile Celtic FC Officials and coaching staff with Boys Club officials.
The Separate entity line Celtic FC are parroting is laughable and insulting.
With McCafferty now prosecuted and found guilty of abuse claims for the second time, it is now more important than ever that his network is investigated, and that his relationship to murder victim Lawrence Haggart is scrutinised, along with DS Jim Winning, who was in charge of the investigation in to Haggart’s murder.
Questions need to be asked and answered about McCafferty’s regular visits to Haggart’s home, his phone call to Haggart on the day of Haggart’s murder, and why he wasn’t investigated fully on this case, while he was subject to a probe over indecency allegations. (Source Sunday Mail June 5, 2005).
It’s unacceptable for the Scottish Government and Police Scotland to ignore this, and the victims’ families should not have to fight for justice.
The Government, and footballing authorities should be taking the lead.
Within the media, and across Celtic focused Social Media, backed up by Celtic FC, is outrage over Rangers fans singing songs about Celtic’s child abuse scandal.
Let’s be clear here, someone at Celtic in 2019 thought it was acceptable to throw the separate entity line, and someone at Celtic thought it acceptable to publicly conflate Rangers fans singing about Celtic’s Paedo cover up with Sectarianism, in a crude attempt to shut down any mention of the club’s conduct.
Are that vile club really learning lessons over the “trying to keep the good name of the club” millstone that has sullied the reputation of Jock Stein?
Let’s not forget that first time around, when Anna Smith reported on Jim Torbett, that her reports alleged that some boys club players who had raised allegations on a trip to the US, were paid off by the club. These concerns must be followed up.
While one would expect the media would have been running this story for a number of weeks all over every channel possible as each of the Celtic Paedophiles has been sentenced, it has had an insultingly low profile. It stinks of a tomorrow’s chip paper approach.
Bear in mind one national newspaper in 2011/2 actually offered a regular column an anonymous blogger using stolen HMRC information, but can’t find itself campaigning to punish the enablers who allowed scores of children to be abused.
One “journalist” Graham Spiers today tweeted that Rangers fans were “excited” about the scandal enveloping his beloved Celtic.
It truly beggars belief that this vile man can scrape a living with from his opinions, given he has form for defending paedophiles.
As Rangers fans and right thinking people it can sometimes feel that there are few avenues to affect change, but that would be wrong.
You can start by voting chancers like Dornan, Yousaf and Sturgeon out of office.
You can support the Gray family  who are leading the campaign for justice.
You can boycott the media who fail spectacularly in their duty to do the right thing, and inform their editors and owners why.

If you can think of a way to affect change, do it.


by Philip Joseph Gerard White
by Philip Joseph Gerard White


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