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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Wednesday, 5th June 2019




In August 2018 something very strange happened.

The disgraced entity known as Celtic Boys Club, which had for 52 years been a feeder organisation for The Club Like No Other, suddenly rebranded. Overnight it became St Patrick's Sports Academy.

The strips were changed (but remained green and white), the club crest was changed but the close links remain intact. Celtic F.C., who laughingly claimed to have had no links with or jurisdiction over their own Boys Club, paid £20,000 to fund the transition. Well they're always very caring when it comes to the welfare of children, aren't they?

As I say – all very strange.

Currently the St. Patricks website is advertising what they call "The St. Patrick’s Presentation Dance". The reader is informed that "every single player and child at the club will be recognised for their contribution with a trophy".

Perhaps someone close to them has a lock-up full of plastic baubles left over from the 4-year period when the Celtic Board spent £1 million at twice-convicted Celtic paedophile James Torbett's Glasgow-based  "Trophy Centre" business. That's circa £1.9 million in today's money – one helluva lot of plastic to get rid of.

I suppose it would have been easy for Celtic F.C. to hand in the orders to Mr. Torbett, what with the Directors of Celtic and the Trophy Centre Directors being one and the same. Indeed whilst Mr. Kelly was going in one door with the latest order form, Mr. McGinn could be going out the other on his way to Parkhead with the invoices!

Meanwhile Mrs. Anne McGinn, another Trophy Centre director, who curiously used her maiden name when registering her Trophy Centre interests at Companies House, was probably doing the accounts upstairs in the office. No problem if she got into difficulties with the figures – schoolteacher, Celtic coach, Trophy Centre employee and convicted paedophile Gerry King was at hand to help!

The whole thing must have run like a Rolls Royce. Did I say Rolls Royce? Apologies, I meant a filthy depraved money-laundering Celtic F.C. paedophile ring.


Top, two former Celtic Chairmen Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn. Below, convicted Celtic paedophiles James Torbett, Frank Cairney, Gerry King and Jim McCafferty. Torbett, Kelly, McGinn, King and McGinn's wife Anne ran the Glasgow-based Trophy Centre.


I digress. Back to the St. Patricks Presentation Dance. Their website states that it is to be held at none other than the Kerrydale Suite at The Theatre of Shame. Of the thousands of  venues available up and down the country……

For the uninitiated, the Kerrydale Suite sits above the dressing rooms at Celtic Football Club. That's the dressing rooms where convicted Celtic coach Jim McCafferty tried to rape a Celtic Youth player a court was told only a few weeks ago. McCafferty and another three recently-convicted Celtic paedophiles Frank Cairney, Gerry King and the aforementioned Torbett regularly swanned around the corridors and suites of that stadium as if they owned the place.

Along one corridor can be found the storeroom where Celtic employee John Cullen had stashed in excess of 250 indecent images of naked children before they were discovered and he was convicted. Cullen had been the official Celtic photographer for 30 years, working for the Celtic View, the club magazine set up by McGinn.

St. Patricks, who are registered as a children's charity, have chosen to hold a dance there just weeks after the trials and convictions. It's quite stomach-churning. Shame on them.

There's a distinct sickness that pervades around that stadium and all connected to it. If there was any justice at all it would be razed to the ground.




by Drew Headmuir
by Philip Gerard Joseph White


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