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Look At The Trees - There is Wood!

Written by: Nineteen Seventy-Two
Wednesday, 25th February 2015

While we all know that Rangers are the biggest story for any newspaper in Scotland, and big news in the sports pages down south when it suits them, one small story in the world of Scottish Sport deserves to be highlighted today.

No, it’s not the resignation of James Easdale, as that will no doubt clog the newswires of both Rangers and Celtic followers for the next 24 hours, until the next big Rangers story.

This little news story, which should be a big news story is in fact Celtic being fined by UEFA again this morning.


As I stated in my most recent article, the conduct of the Celtic support in recent times has degenerated, with a section of their support believing that they have impunity to act as they like.

As the BBC report states:

“It is the fifth time in three years Celtic have been charged by Uefa over supporter behaviour.”

...each time Celtic have been fined by UEFA for their fans' misconduct.

2011 - fined £12,600 in 2011 after supporters made pro-IRA chants during Europa League home match against Rennes

2012 - fined a further £21,000 after fans unfurl a banner criticising Uefa and set off flares away to Italian side Udinese

2013 - fined £4,200 when a firework was let off during the Champions League qualifier against Cliftonville at Celtic Park

2014 - fined £42,000 for "illicit" banners at home defeat by AC Milan

2015 - fined £7,300 for crowd disturbance away to Dinamo Zagreb

On this occasion, Celtic fans let off fireworks, then took exception to the Croatian police paying attention to this illegal activity, resulting in scuffles on the terraces.

The previous incidents worthy of punishment included Pro-IRA chants in 2011, flying a “FUCK UEFA” banner, throwing lit flares, throwing fireworks, and displaying sectarian banners in support of the IRA terrorist, Bobby Sands. All of this without even mentioning the horrendous scenes in Amsterdam last season which led to five Celtic fans being found guilty and given jail terms.

So, the current wave of attack on the Rangers support should be seen as nothing other than a co-ordinated attempt by the defenders of hooligans and sectarian bigots, designed to deflect from the Celtic support, who are gaining a reputation as one of the worst set of fans in Europe.


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