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A Circle

Written by: Joe Smith
Friday, 9th December 2016

See, the thing with a circle is, it never ends. However, it only takes one interception to destroy a circle.

The horrific subject of child sex abuse in football is again turning the stomachs of law abiding, regular Britons. Regretfully, I must say "again" as any football fan over 30 will remember with disgust as the details of Celtic Youth Coach Jim Torbett's deviant crimes against vibrant, young footballing hopefuls were played out in Court, and to a limited extent, in the Scottish main stream media.

Our media, or 'mhedia' as I see them more regularly called, have had an aversion to investigating and reporting without fear nor favour for nearly 20 years on this repugnant crime. It has been noted that this coincides with one Peter Lawwell assuming power in the Club which seems to be at the heart of these claims. To the outsider, one could be forgiven for assuming Celtic FC housed a paedophile ring, with five interconnecting names in the frame already.

You would think such heinous acts, brazenly committed in front of other grown men, people in management and directorial roles, that were subject to Police and court action and briefly appeared in the news, would attract the attention of say, a governing body? Not in Scotland. And it's not even limited to one governing body putting the blinkers on and inserting fingers in ears.

First up, and most appallingly, the Scottish government. Then and now, the systematic, and quite possibly organised, rape of young boys isn't worthy of inquiry. Right now, and I do have the utmost sympathy for a child of any creed or colour in need, the Scottish government seems more affected by the plight of kids thousands of miles away than those on our doorstep. How can this be true?

Secondly, the Scottish Football Association. Now before you instantly dismiss this shambles of being unable to inquire over anything heavier than the free lunch menu, they are responsible for the well-being of all footballers. They have been failing them for decades as this debauchery was allowed to continue as an 'open secret'. Unbelievably, it's been left to a former director, Gordon Smith, to add any relevant comment when on Thursday past he called for root and branch investigation. Utterly sickening.

The members of Vanguard Bears are unanimous in voice. We see only one satisfactory outcome.

Anyone who subjected our children to sexual or physical abuse while in the care of the football authorities must be tracked down, charged and tried in a court of law.
Anyone, employed by any Club, who knew of these crimes and stayed silent allowing the abuse to continue must be tracked down, charged and tried in a court of law.

Any Club who were aware of such crimes within their umbrella, and who failed to inform the Police, as well as feeling the full force of the law, must be punished with both severe financial penalties and a stripping of awards gained during the period of criminality. In the most severe cases, cases of multiple offences, dismissal from the league and Association must be considered.

This circle of evil must be destroyed.


by Glasgowtaxpayer
by General Schomberg


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