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Lennon's Latest. Is Anyone Surprised?

Written by: Jim Molloy, Kilsyth
Thursday, 21st January 2021

The only thing that surprises me about Neil Lennon’s latest deranged rant is that anyone is surprised. It’s not as if he doesn’t have previous. The fact is Neil Lennon has displayed signs of mental disorder, dishonesty, anger issues and violence – both on and off the field - for 20 years and nothing has been done about it. 

At the same time a succession of morons claiming Lennon’s litany of transgressions can be put down to expressions of “anti-Irish racism” pushed in his direction were allowed to spout their insanity unchallenged.



In May 2003 two students were fined following a fight with Lennon on Great Western Road in Glasgow. Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that following what started as “a bit of banter” Lennon had needlessly exited his vehicle to challenge the two to fight, resulting in him ending up on his backside with a cut to his head when they defended themselves (BBC).

In December 2003 Lennon was given a two-match suspension for his conduct towards Swiss referee Urs Meier at the end of the UEFA Champions League match against Olympique Lyonnais. Lennon was charged with improper conduct towards the referee, both verbally and with gestures (www.uefa.com).

In August 2004 Lennon disgracefully feigned a headbutt from Inverness player Juanjo, resulting in the forward being sent off. The red card was later rescinded (www.mundodeportivo.com).

In November 2004 Lennon was caught by television cameras spitting on a Rangers scarf at the side of the pitch and mouthing “orange bastards” at the Rangers dug-out (Daily Telegraph).

In August 2005, in a cowardly act, Lennon was seen to repeatedly push linesman Jim Lyon post-match following a defeat at Ibrox (The Guardian).

In April 2006 Lennon’s mistress of 5 years Jennifer Johnson, who was at the time pregnant with his child, revealed she had received more than 400 mobile phone texts from him, many of them threatening and abusive. Lennon told Ms. Johnson “you’re gonna feel pain” and “I’m gonna do you” - despite Ms. Johnson informing Lennon that his unborn child’s life was in danger due to a life-threatening infection she had contracted (Daily Record).



In December 2006 Lennon fought with a number of his own teammates following a match in Dunfermline. He became involved in a shouting and pushing match with Artur Boruc then turned on Aiden McGeady, launching another verbal volley which also ended in a grappling match (The Guardian).

In January 2009 Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that “Neil Lennon started a bloody street brawl”. Bar manager James Dick told how he saw Lennon push one of his alleged attackers before a fight broke out. A defence lawyer had asked Mr. Dick if Lennon had started the bust-up and the pub boss replied: “I would say so, from my point of view, yes…...I saw Neil Lennon shove a man on the chest with both hands”. Lennon was subsequently taken to hospital battered, unconscious and having soiled himself (The Sun).

Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade's up and down Celtic history as ultras  call for manager to go - Daily Record

The Bheasts are revolting

In March 2011 Lennon was quite amazingly sent to stands in charity game (no, really). During a match against Athletic Bilbao in Spain he clashed with the referee after 35 minutes of the match at San Mames, which was staged to raise funds for local youth teams in Bilbao (Daily Mirror).

In December 2015 it was revealed that then Bolton Wanderers manager Lennon had threatened yet another mistress, telling her that “someone” could slash her throat if she revealed their year-long affair. He initially denied his actions until his victim produced a recording in which he admitted to the threat. The victim described Lennon as “a monster” who had “made her fear for her life” (Daily Mirror).


Fit and proper person?


In July 2016 Lennon was given a five-game European ban after what was described as a “violent outburst” against a Spanish Europa League referee. UEFA chiefs carpeted him for what they termed “acts of violence against the referee” during Euro loss to Brondby (The Sun).


The Angry Little  Man. Neil Lennon should have been put in the care of serious professionals, not left unchecked to manage a football team

In March 2017 Lennon was given a two-match ban for his part in a confrontation with Morton's Jim Duffy. The pair clashed at Easter Road during a' Scottish Championship match. Lennon was found guilty of "adopting an aggressive attitude" to Duffy and his staff, Morton player Kudus Oyenuga and the match officials (www.skysports.com)

In June 2017 Lennon was embroiled in a furious early hours street fight outside a Glasgow public house. Police were forced to break up the row between him and a member of the public on Byres Road, Glasgow. A video showed Lennon shouting “I’ll have you” at one man and “you’re too big for me” at another. He was also seen pointing in the face of the police officer who was flagged down to try and diffuse the situation (The Sun).

In August 2017 Lennon faced an SFA and Police Scotland probe into his conduct during a match against Rangers in which he made “gestures” to opposition fans (Daily Record).

In November 2018 during a match at Tynecastle Lennon dramatically fell to the ground trackside holding his head after being struck on the jacket by a coin thrown from the crowd. Earlier he had been gesticulating and mouthing off to opposition fans. Former Scottish Police Federation chairman Les Gray claimed Neil Lennon "could have started a riot". Lennon later told a national newspaper “my jaw is throbbing” and “it stung me; it is quite sore”, despite TV coverage clearly showing the coin bouncing off his padded jacket at chest height (Daily Record).

In January 2020 Lennon was seen to tell his own player Mikey Johnston to “f*ck off” as he left the field of play injured. Johnston was subsequently diagnosed as having knee ligament damage resulting in a long term lay-off. (Evening Times).

The hypocrisy of ex-players, journalists and football commentators now mocking Lennon and expressing faux horror at his latest act of madness is astounding. Their silence during his 20 years of lunacy encouraged his propensity for hissy-fits, anger, violence and generally making a fool of himself. 

The discredited journalist Graham Spiers once described Lennon as “a remarkable human being”.

He most certainly is.

Neil Lennon's List Of Shame | The Clumpany



by Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
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