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Remember The 11th But Do Not Forget The 12th

Written by: WeMustBeBolder
Wednesday, 4th November 2015

Remember the 11th but never forget the 12th

Anniversaries never to be forgotten. There are two back to back this month.

A day apart in date and years apart in time, however, they have a common denominator.

The ceremony of Armistice is upon us again and it is a time when right minded individuals take literally 2 minutes out of their day and year to remember the fallen as a mark of respect to those individuals who have paid the highest price for protecting this great country. It also has a wider meaning to acknowledge the sacrifice by many people in other conflicts. It is also to promote a sense of hope for future peace I guess.

In essence it is a show of altruism.

Let's also remember another anniversary this week.

On the 12th Nov 1998 James Torbett was convicted of the sexual abuse of children who were in the care and protection of Celtic Football Club. This shed light on the biggest scandal in Scottish sport. Nothing comes anywhere near. He started his vile abuse as early as 1974.


This is ironic given the attitude of Celtic Football Club to Armistice. They tackle this issue every year with their 'support'. It has become such a thorny issue that they very rarely play homes games the weekend of Armistice for fear of their support turning a minutes silence into applause (no me neither) or something much more sinister. We've had everything from their support. Ranging from not entering the ground until 5 minutes after kick off, to singing IRA anthems outside football stadiums when silence is being observed inside.

My point is, when Celtic and their support should shut up and be silent they make an almighty fuss. Thus embarrassing themselves and Scottish football.

When they should be screaming and making a fuss about what went on at their club when two decades of covering sexual abuse of children was taking place, they stay resolutely silent. Confused or insidious?

They don't acknowledge 11.11 due to their hate filled terrorist loving support and their 'culture'. They abhor being reminded of 12.11 due to their hatred of anyone knowing their true history.

Simply put, the middle of November seems to induce the sweats in the 'greatestfansintheworld'. And little wonder!

Simply put, they shame football. This annual event snub and the Torbett cover up should be unfolded piece by piece.

The squalid quid pro quo that exists between the Celtic board and its support needs more scrutiny. The Scottish media will never do it, but it goes something like this. They (the support) glorify terrorism and its acts of violence and hold the club to ransom with its political acts within the ground and the board is complicit.

The board have never properly acknowledged the level of cover up in the sex scandal of which Torbett was found guilty in the secure knowledge that its support fully back the club. It's described as the act of a rogue individual not associated with the club.

Both examples above are of course nonsense and would not stand up to proper investigation. Torbett was allowed (back) to work at Celtic FC after he was removed and had business links with the then Celtic director - Kelly. Celtic were founded on sectarian grounds and there have been more than Torbett convicted of heinous crimes associated with Celtic FC. From Cullen the club reporter to Griffiths the racist.




They are portrayed as lovers, keepers and custodians of the game. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

They constantly promote inclusion and highlight their victimisation to shield themselves from further and appropriate scrutiny that they should be under. This is their insurance policy.

They seem to suggest that it is the rest of Scottish football (including Scottish society) that should be rehabilitated. To what aims? To suit their agenda and needs, is the answer.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing is, actually just discussing the culture and cover up at Celtic FC is considered controversial at all. It shows how narrow the debate around Scottish football has become. When is the last time a journalist or reporter looked at the wider context of what I listed above?

The armed forces and the victims of the sexual deviants and criminals hidden and associated with Celtic FC are the ones to feel a sense of outrage at this time of year and every year on then 11th & 12th November.

Lest We Forget.


by kw14ultra
by NineteenSeventyTwo


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