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The Truth Is Out There (just not in the minds of the diseased)

Written by: Admin
Thursday, 8th December 2016

There are many terms used to describe Celtic supporters.

“Honest” is not one of them.

A number of Rangers fans have contacted Vanguard Bears regarding a sinister new online campaign.

Celtic fans we were told were flooding social media and newspaper comments sections with fables stating James Torbett, a.k.a. The Celtic Paedophile, worked at Rangers FC for 3 years prior to forming Celtic Boys Club in 1966, adding that Torbett is actually a Rangers supporter. Further, the same sub-normals were claiming Rangers FC knew about his sordid tendencies prior to his move to Celtic.

Nothing would surprise us where that shower is concerned. On investigation, we discovered the Denial CSC were indeed doing just that.

Let’s look at the biggest enemy of Denial CSC – the truth.

James Torbett formed Celtic Boys Club in 1966, when he was just 19 years old. Therefore, if the Denial CSC lies were in fact truth, he would have to have worked for Rangers when he was just 15/16 years old.

Yes, we laughed too. As to claims that he is actually a Rangers supporter... only the most warped mind could push the lie that a 19-year-old Rangers supporter decided to name his new boys football team, ahem... Celtic Boys Club.

As I write, I’ve been contacted by our IT man at Vanguard Towers to tell me that once again our website and Twitter account have been subject to attempted online attacks aimed at closing us down, and not for the first time. The calamitous commanders of cover-ups shamelessly continue with their mission to minimise the damage to their repugnant club.

Yet another Fail Fail - your club will forever be synonymous with the concealment of paedophilia.

The depths to which these lab rats will stoop in their sad attempts to deflect from the paedophilia scandal at "The Cesspit of Moral Filth" are limitless.

We note another term rapidly being used worldwide to describe these creatures.



by Nineteen-SeventyTwo
by Albertz


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