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BIG JOCK KNEW (Baw-Face The Paedo Harbourer)

Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Wednesday, 27th May 2020

At the first trial of Celtic paedophile Jim Torbett in 1998 it was revealed in a court of law that the disgraced former Celtic manager Jock Stein was aware of Torbett’s sexual molestation of little bhoys. Rather than do what any right-thinking human being would do and call in the police, Stein chose instead to instruct his staff to cover up Torbett’s vile crimes.

“Jock Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett, a court was told yesterday……..Celtic manager Stein and the directors were anxious to keep the image of the club clean…….. I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times" (Daily Record 11th July 1998)

Enabler Jock Stein presents twice-convicted Celtic paedophile James Torbett with an award. Looking on, Celtic Boys Club Chairman Hugh Birt, who was told by Stein to cover up Torbett’s heinous crimes

“Shame on every person who played a part in that cover-up; because for every abuse that was brushed under the carpet, the perpetrator went on to ruin other young lives……..What Stein should have done was call the police. But he didn’t – because reputation and image were paramount. Never mind the fact that young lives have been trampled on by someone who should be behind bars. Keep it quiet and ‘in-house’ was the unspoken mantra” (Daily Mail 3rd December 2016)

That Stein and the Celtic Board of Directors covered up the crimes of their paedophile employees is beyond any reasonable doubt. If there was any degree of justice for the victims, Police Scotland would be arresting those still alive, like former Celtic Chairmen Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn, both of whom played major roles in the conspiracy. Covering up depraved crimes is a crime in itself.

“During my investigation, I spoke to one promising young footballer who claimed he was abused on a trip abroad. After he went public with his allegations, Celtic banished him. He was left knowing he may have ruined his chances of making it big because he had tried to ‘out’ his abuser. Yet he was already ruined – and would carry the baggage of abuse for the rest of his life. I had been investigating rumours about Celtic Boys Club for years, as had other journalists, but we were faced with denial after denial from the club. What angers me more than anything as I watch today’s events and look back at the Celtic scandal, is that this serial abuse could have been stopped years ago. It was staring them in the face for years, yet they did nothing. They are guilty of criminal negligence. (Daily Mail 3rd December 2016)

“Within hours of the story hitting the streets, and the newspaper setting up its abuse hotline, dozens of calls had come in and another man - Frank Cairney, the man who had been brought in by Jock Stein to get rid of the smears and innuendoes which for years had hung around the boys' club - was also being named as an abuser…….(Celtic Official) Birt claims he was concerned about the behaviour of both Cairney and Torbett and raised the matter with the club. Before he knew it Birt was asked to resign. When he stood his ground and refused, he says, Celtic withdrew his ticket to the directors' box and he had no option but to get out” (Scotland on Sunday 18th August 1996)

Stein with convicted Celtic paedophile Frank Cairney (far left)

Now it would seem new evidence has come to light. A brave, brave man who was a victim of Celtic paedophilia and the cover up of the same tweeted this yesterday:

Big Jock Knew about Torbett’s grotesque crimes as far back as 1968 and chose to cover them up.
And still the depraved organisation that is Celtic Football Club persist in having a 12-foot tall statue of the paedophile harbourer Stein in front of their stadium.
They truly are a Club Like No Other.

Embarrassing you say Mr. Hirohito?

Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Saturday, 23rd May 2020

Apparently Peter Lawwell, CEO of The Club Like No Other, has branded Rangers’ SPFL dossier “embarrassing”. In this Great British democracy Mr. Lawwell is of course entitled to his opinion.
Others, like me, are also entitled to opine on what could be considered embarrassing……for example:
Your idiot son being sacked from his accountancy job following a debacle at his work Christmas meal where he was ejected from the venue for chanting sectarian bile and singing IRA songs.
The nepotism used to secure your daughter a placement at SPFL lawyer Rod MacKenzie’s legal firm – then subsequently asking said legal firm to cover your tracks by deleting all reference to her from their website.
The company where you were (at the time) Financial Controller paying many hundreds of thousands of pounds to a company owned by convicted Celtic paedophile James Torbett. 

The company where you are CEO preparing to defend itself in court against claims that it facilitated the sexual abuse of little boys, and the cover-up of the same evil crimes.

Instructing a rank amateur PR outfit to deflect accusations that your company officials sexually molested hundreds of little boys, with the deployment of such a firm becoming a scandal story in its own right.
A senior Channel 4 News reporter, namely Alex Thomson, turning up at your house to question you on paedophilia.
Being photographed in conversation with a mentally diseased blogger who was described by UK’s biggest selling newspaper as “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”. *

Having a twelve-foot tall statue of a paedophile harbourer (as detailed in court transcripts) on the concourse outside your offices. Now that IS embarrassing.


...Read the full article here

On the brink: Scottish football is at Brechin point

Written by: The Ref
Sunday, 10th May 2020

Despite isolation, and social distancing brought about by the COVID-19 crisis which is affecting everyone in society, you would need to have been isolating on another planet, to be unaware of the crisis that currently engulfs Scottish football.

Rangers request for a full independent inquiry into the actions of SFA/SPFL board members, and accusations that representatives of member clubs have been bullied by SFA/SPFL board members have received a varied response. The SPFL are insisting that they have nothing to hide, whilst at the same time, releasing statements warning member clubs of the financial consequences they will face, if they do press ahead with an independent inquiry, and at the same time, burdening some of their own member clubs with the financial penalties and hardship, that relegation, and bringing the season to a premature close would bring.

Accusations of bullying and SFA/SPFL board members putting pressure on member clubs to exert and influence over them, have seen the SPFL release several statements to the media, denying this, and asking for evidence of any such accusations. Sadly, too many people who occupy places in the Scottish media, have sided with the SPFL/SFA and tried to turn this into a Rangers versus Scottish football situation, rather than the reality, which is simply about fair play, honesty, openness, transparency, and the governance of the game in Scotland.

Whilst the focus in the media has been focused on events at the top in Scottish football, it is at the bottom tier where the real evidence members of the SPFL/SFA board bullying and trying to impose their influence on member clubs should be investigated.

The recent joint press release by Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers on the 8th of May and the subsequent radio interviews by the Chairman of the Lowland League George Fraser, and Chairman of Brora Rangers, William Powrie suggest that a full independent investigation into the actions of some SFA/SPFL board members must happen. For the purposes of clarity, I shall provide a little bit of an insight into the Kelty/Brora/ Brechin situation.

As the current Scottish football season progressed, it became clear that Brechin City were going to be in relegation trouble. It was around that time, proposals were suggested to member clubs of the Lowland and Highland Leagues, which would lead to a redrawing up of the boundaries which place clubs in either the Highland League, or Lowland League should they be relegated. The message coming from Brechin was clear: they would struggle if they were relegated into the Highland League, and they would stand a much better chance of regaining a place in the SPFL if they were granted a place in the Lowland League instead. The first issue I have with that is this: Brechin is in the Highlands, and logistically it would not make sense to place them in the Lowland League: indeed it would make a mockery of Scotland’s own geography to have a Highland team playing in the Lowlands. It is important that you should know who the Chairman of Brechin City is, and his position in Scottish football, if you are to see why these ridiculous proposals were even mooted in the first place.

Ken Ferguson is the current Chairman of Brechin City: Ken served on the disbanded SFL, and is currently the League 1 and 2 representative on the SPFL board. Ken also sits on the SPFL Competitions Working Group and the Scottish FA Professional game board. Ken also has influence in the SFA board, and it is important to note that the SFA run the play-offs which involve the Lowland and Highland League Champions and club 42, which this year, just happens to be Brechin City.

In their joint statement, Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers allude to pressure being put on Highland and Lowland League clubs. It is alleged that the pressure came in the form of threats to exclude Highland and Lowland League clubs from National Cup tournaments if they objected to the proposed boundary changes. You would wonder who, within the SFA/SPFL would have the power to influence things like this? For these reasons alone, a full independent investigation into Scottish football must be carried out without delay.

In their radio interviews yesterday, both George Fraser and William Powrie drew just short of stating that they were bullied: maybe it was because they are afraid of repercussions. I shall let you form your own opinion on that.

If a board member of the SPFL/SFA abused their position of power within Scottish football to exert their influence over other Leagues by threatening those member clubs of those leagues with exclusion from national cup tournaments, then this alone would warrant a full and independent investigation into Scottish Football’s governing bodies.

Scottish Football is rotten from the very bottom to the very top, and a full independent investigation must take place in order for Scottish football to survive and be able to move forward.



Written by: We must be bolder
Saturday, 25th April 2020

As thousands of citizens in the UK die of this cursed Coronavirus, the executive of the Scottish Professional Football League continue to pursue a misguided, spurious and potentially illegal path. While thousands around them perish and even more key workers risk their lives on a daily basis we (in the context of Scottish football) have these absolute cretins representing us in our capacity as fans of football and our national game...........

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Wednesday, 4th March 2020

Last week, during a Channel 4 News Alex Thomson feature which focused on Celtic Football Club paedophilia, it was clearly stated that Celtic coach and kit-man Jim McCafferty was the centre of a cross-border child sex-trafficking ring. This comes as no surprise to those who have been closely following media reports as the Club Like No Other’s multiple paedophiles are exposed and jailed one by one. Today, Thomson has tweeted that at least NINE paedophiles were operating at Celtic.

In 1996 supremely talented 15 year-old Celtic youth player Lawrence Haggart was brutally murdered in his own home by a serial paedophile. Brian Beattie battered the young lad to death then set fire to his body. Beattie was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment for his appalling crime. During an investigation which was clouded by accusations of police corruption, former Celtic coach and kit-man Jim McCafferty was one of the suspects. McCafferty had been a regular visitor to the young players’ home and had phoned him on the day of the grotesque murder.

That same year, McCafferty suddenly left his Celtic employ for what an unnamed Celtic spokesman described as ‘personal reasons’ after allegations of sexual impropriety towards young boys surfaced. Personal reasons indeed. Once again, as with other cases of paedophile employees uncovered at Celtic FC, serious questions must be asked as to why those running the club declined to call the police when the allegations came to light.

In December of 2016 McCafferty admitted to a newspaper that he had sexually abused ‘around a dozen’ young boys, five of whom he named. The BBC reported that he had sexually molested young Celtic players at his home in West Lothian. He was subsequently sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for 10 charges of indecent assault. The year before, the same warped Bheast had been charged and convicted in Northern Ireland of sexual activity with a child.

McCafferty had a close friendship with Celtic Boys Club founder James Torbett, a Bheast twice-convicted and jailed for the sexual molestation of young Celtic players. Torbett was a business partner of then Celtic FC directors Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn, as well as McGinn’s wife Anne. Court transcripts revealed evidence that Celtic manager Jock Stein along with Kelly and McGinn conspired to cover up Torbett’s vile crimes. Also employed at Torbett’s business was another convicted paedophile Celtic FC coach Gerry King.


Above: Celtic’s paedophile harbouring officials Kevin Kelly, Jock Stein and Jack McGinn

Another of McCafferty’s friends was Crewe Alexandria’s Barry Bennell who was sentenced to 31 years imprisonment having been found guilty of 43 charges of historical child sexual abuse.

It is feasible that McCafferty’s phone call to the young Celtic starlet on the day Beattie committed his murder was purely coincidence and perfectly innocent, however given his convictions and history, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the phone call was made for more sinister purposes. Two paedophiles engaging with the victim on the same day - one by telephone and the other entering his home to commit the most heinous of crimes - arouses suspicion to say the least. During a recorded interview with the Daily Record, McCafferty stated ‘I’m probably as bad as the rest of them….but I hope they're going to apologise the same as I'm going to be doing.’

Who ‘the rest of them’ are remains unclear. That there was a paedophile ring operating at Celtic Football Club is beyond doubt. Following Beattie’s conviction the then Assistant Chief Constable of Tayside Police James MacKay accused police detectives of planting evidence, namely a hammer, to try and frame the victims’ 12 year-old brother for the crime (Sunday Mail, June 5th 2005). Three officers of sergeant rank were subsequently disciplined with two being demoted (Sunday Herald, 10th March 2001). Detective Superintendent Jim Winning who led the investigation ‘took early retirement’, despite legal moves to block him from doing so by Deputy Chief Constable Mike Currie, aimed at forcing Winning to face a disciplinary hearing (Sunday Herald, 26th August 1998). This whole episode brings scandal and shame upon those paid and duty bound to uphold the law. The family, friends and society in general deserve a full and thorough investigation into events, individuals and organisations surrounding this tragic tale. Police Scotland (not to mention the Scottish Football Association) must leave no stone unturned in their quest for truth and justice.

Celtic Football Club shouldn’t be allowed to walk away from this scandal. The eternally shamed Club Like No Other is synonymous with child sexual abuse and the cover up of the same. They are a stain on this nation.


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