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A Ray of Light?

Written by: 1972
Saturday, 28th December 2019

After such a long time of putting up with an agenda in the media, in the stands and on the pitch against Alfredo Morelos, it came as a bit of a surprise this morning that Daily Record journalist Gary Ralston put his head above the parapet to call out some of the maltreatment of our best player.

Of course, working in the media, he has stopped short of calling out his colleagues in the press, but this has to be the next step.

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We Deserve Justice

Written by: 1972
Thursday, 14th November 2019

While I firmly believe that Rangers are on the right footing, and nearing the kind of standard we should be at, the news breaking last night over HMRC “over estimating” has opened old wounds for many Rangers supporters.

Both Rangers fans, and investors both in the Oldco operating company and the new one, have every right to feel aggrieved at actions taken by HMRC during the timeframe it was on the warpath with our club.

First off, it still rankles with me that David Murray took the course of action he did in taking up the EBT options that ultimately placed our club in the sights of those who needed no excuse to try to damage us.

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The Hypocrisy And Shame Of Scottish Football

Written by: Bluebear67
Thursday, 26th September 2019

A comparison of 2 clubs, punishments received from the footballing authorities and treatment from other member clubs for their crimes.

Before reading any further, please accept my apologies for the length of this article, though after reading it in its entirety I’m sure you will agree that all relevant information had to be presented to clearly demonstrate the vast gulf in treatment afforded both clubs in relation to crimes at either end of any moral spectrum.

Rangers FC - timeline of events*

14th February 2012 – Rangers Football Club Plc entered administration due to the failure to pay £9m in PAYE deductions from employees to HMRC.

14th February 2012 – Rangers FC are deducted 10 points in the Scottish Premier League (SPL) for entering administration.

14th June 2012 – HMRC announce the formal rejection of the proposed Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) which in turn meant that The Rangers Football Club Plc would be liquidated, and the business and assets would be sold to a new company by the name of Sevco Limited.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
Monday, 26th August 2019

Some of you may have noticed a rather pathetic and twisted attempt by gutter journalist and Celtic supporter Marcello Mega to link Rangers to Celtic's worldwide paedophile scandal and child sex trafficking ring at the weekend

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VB New Book Recommendation

Written by: 1972
Monday, 26th August 2019

VB writer 1972 (real name Jack Harrington) has published his first book, describing in detail the sordid history of Celtic Football Club, from its inception as an agent of the Roman Catholic church to keep Irish Catholics away from Protestant Soup Kitchens, to it becoming a front for Irish Republicanism in the west of Scotland, to it becoming a home for football’s most notorious paedophile ring. The first fully independently written view of the world’s most hated football club is a must read.

Key phases in Celtic’s history are finally given the coverage they deserve.

...Read the full article here

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