"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

Drain The Swamp

Written by: 1972
Thursday, 23rd May 2019

I used to intensely dislike the term “Drain the swamp” in reference to politicians, but recent events have convinced me that Scotland does need to drain the swamp in many fields, particularly in politics and in the media.

I also won’t pretend that hypocrisy is new in politics, nor that incompetence or stupidity is new, but the current crop of politicians and political movers and shakers in Scotland is the worst it’s ever been.

There was a time where the media held Government and also the opposition to account. That time has passed. I have lost count in the last couple of years of statements from politicians which are simply parroted out without challenge. Any journalist brave enough to challenge the narrative is set about on social media by the usual suspects.

Of course, some politicians are just off the scale in their crassness and stupidity that even our woeful media can’t ignore them.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Sunday, 19th May 2019

"It was agreed, by (Celtic Manager Liam) Brady, the boy and his parents and the then Celtic board, that the police would not be informed. The young player was assured that the alleged incident would have no effect on his future career at the club. However, signed statements were taken by Celtic's lawyers from the four adults who had been on the New Jersey trip. All were sworn to silence". - Scotland on Sunday, 18th August 1996.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Friday, 17th May 2019

Today we will provide proof of yet more despicable lies that came from Celtic F.C. in what was yet another attempt to shamefully cover up their paedophile links.

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Written by:
Thursday, 16th May 2019



Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Thursday, 16th May 2019

"Lawyers acting for victims have told the Record they believe a paedophile ring was in operation……..Police have urged other victims and survivors to contact them with any further information." – Daily Record 16th May 2019.

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