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Cheer Up Stevie Clarke!

Written by: Carson's Army
Friday, 22nd February 2019

It comes as no surprise to the members of Vanguardbears that the usual suspects have reared their ugly heads to have a go at Rangers Football Club and our fans, after all it’s what they live for and they couldn’t stick the knife in quick enough. We all know who they are!

Personally, I don’t think Stevie Clark is a Fenian and I don’t know the marital status of his parents when he was born, but let’s be honest being called a Fenian must be one of the worse insults ever directed at anyone; a group of murdering cowards who slaughtered innocent men, woman, children and race horses. They also selected their victims based on their nationality and religion so I suppose they could also be labelled as sectarian and racist.  No wonder Stevie was beeling.

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Written by: James Molloy
Thursday, 14th February 2019

I must admit I giggled when a mate told me that diminutive Dundonian Jim Spence, a.k.a. Jimmy Ping had been appointed as Rector (at least it sounded like "Rector") of Dundee University.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Wednesday, 13th February 2019

I'm old enough to remember a time when The Herald – or the Glasgow Herald as it was then – was a respected and valued broadsheet. Younger readers of this article may be shaking their heads in disbelief, but seriously, back in the day this newspaper was known as one with principles. You may not have always agreed with the musings of its editors, columnists and journalists, but you could be assured their words had been written with honesty, professionalism and moral integrity. Sadly those days are long gone.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Tuesday, 12th February 2019

A few weeks back I spoke to a US Attorney at Law who specialises in Claims and Compensation cases as a result of criminal acts. You can read about it here:


Following weekend newspaper reports that victims of Celtic paedophilia are set to commence legal action against the Club Like No Other on U.S. soil I contacted him again. I provided details of the recent sentencing of Celtic paedophile Frank Cairney and asked him to look over some historical information pertaining to Celtic's Boys Club on Stateside ventures.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Monday, 11th February 2019

"As yet another Celtic Boys Club coach is jailed over abuse, it's time for a full investigation into who at Celtic knew what and when. There should be no hiding place for those who tolerate, facilitate or cover up abuse at any club" – spokesman survivors group The Offside Trust.

Allow me to help this admirable organisation with a start in deciding "who at Celtic knew what and when".

Former Celtic Chairman and Director Jack McGinn

"We arrived at Glasgow (airport) and went straight to the park (Celtic Park). Jack McGinn organised a meeting at 11am with (now convicted Celtic paedophile) Frank Cairney and a meeting with me at 2pm. At that meeting, he gave me a copy of Frank Cairney's resignation which said he had resigned because he had got promotion in his company and the pressure of work" (Daily Record and Sunday Mail 1996). 

Celtic Boys Club official Jim McNally reveals details of clandestine meetings at Celtic Park with Jack McGinn, following claims by a Celtic youth that Cairney had sexually molested him on a trip to USA in 1991. You'll note a story was fabricated by McGinn stating Cairney resigned due to "promotion in his company and the pressure of work". The police were never called in.

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