"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

The Hypocrisy Of SNP And Hired Hands

Written by: Bomber Harris
Monday, 18th October 2021

The nail that has been hammered in again to one community last week, adds to the one-sided bigot driven agenda of the SNP, their compliant media and paid voices. 

What was last week's furore about? Another attack on a Rangers song. A song that's been around for years without a whisper of complaint. The haters have gone all out to add ‘4 Lads Had A Dream’ to the list of banned songs. Why? Because The Beach Boys Sloop John B tune can be sung to other words. So once again the hate of Rangers and our support exudes for singing a legitimate song to a legitimate tune on a club social media advert for the Clubs 150th anniversary strip. 

The attack is coordinated as soon as the advert was released straight in comes Dave Scott and his Nil By Mouth condemning the choice of tune. Little did the Beach Boys know they were writing a tune to be the subject of hate crime. No sooner was the proverbial ink dry on NbM's tweet and the pincer movement arrived all guns blazing. The 3rd rate footballer and 4th rate pundit Michael Stewart jumps in with the same attack followed on by Easterhouse's one and only Professor of bigotry, Jeanette Findlay. 

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Written by: By Phillip Joseph Gerard Gillivan
Thursday, 10th June 2021

One notes that the Paedophile Club (copyright Talksport, Europe’s biggest sports radio station) have appointed a new football manager.

Second choice to Eddie Howe, the world-famous Ange Postecoglou - formerly in charge of football giants Panachaiki, Melbourne Victory, Brisbane Roar and Yokohama F. Marinos - is now drinking from the poison chalice.

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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gillivan
Friday, 28th May 2021

One of the first to break the news that Eddie Howe had decided to run a mile from an offer of employment at the Paedophile Club (copyright Talksport, Europe’s biggest sports radio station) was the BBC’s snivelling maggot Chris McLaughlin


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The Spiteful Pygmy And the Bully

Written by: We Must Be Bolder
Wednesday, 19th May 2021

It’s hard to imagine and live a life of official service whilst being the worst kind of example of a spiteful, noxious, pathetic Scottish nationalist. Scotland is in the unenviable position of having 2 of these cockroaches. The joint prize for being the most deceitful, egregious and wormlike must surely be handed again to James Dornan and the now contaminated Justice Minister.

Duped by a fake video involving their favourite antithesis of the very sporting fabric of Scotland. They strike. Nauseous with hate. Instantaneous with moral certainty they have shown exactly what kind of politicians they really are. Malevolent.

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Who's Laughing Now Fat Bhoy?

Written by: Philip Joseph Gerrard Gilivan
Monday, 15th March 2021

One notes that a second TV journalist has appeared at the home of Piggy Pete on a mission to ask questions regards his 18-year tenure as CEO of The Club Like No Other.



Channel 4 Journalist Alex Thomson at Peter Lawwell’s home last year.

Mr Thomson was looking to question Lawwell about child abuse.

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