"Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us.
We will never hide from it. Never fear."
- William Struth

Saturday, 29th December 2012, 14:51

Written by: Scott MG
Sunday, 30th December 2018

6 years ago yesterday...myself and 30,000 other bears sat at Hampden and watched us beat Queens Park 1-0.  It was chronic, absolutely chronic! We were in the depths of Division 3 with no light at the end of the tunnel apart from another oncoming train! Humiliation in the Ramsden Cup, Seb Faure, Emilson Cribari, Ian Black etc... 

Yesterday Rangers collected a routine 3 points.  It was never in doubt during that game...and should’ve been a pumping beyond belief!

They can squeal depleted team - we had to play Goldson, who was taking injections, the man they love to sing about Andy (MOTM) Halliday at LB and Ryan Kent out injured for 2 months but tearing Police hat Lustig a new one - so much so that he ripped his tights and was replaced by a kid picked from the playground!  Scotty Arfield owning Scotland’s *greatest ever player....not to mention a kid in McCrorie who bossed the midfield!

Yesterday was a staging post!   Like a checkpoint in a video game...one we had to get to!  The last few years have not been pleasant...but nowhere near the depths of 2012-2016....so with no League football until the end of January I encourage every one of my fellow bears to laugh, Lord it up....and absolutely own it!  We have been mocked and abused by their banners and hatred; “You deserve nothing, you will get nothing", "Your Grandkids will be Celtic fans", "Know your place hun scum".....our place has always been dishing out doings to that mhob....yesterday they were saved from a mauling through good goalkeeping and poor finishing on our part.  Lego eater Brown was the width of the post away from a Double! 

Yesterday was only 3 points....but it means so much more to those in blue and our lads on the park showed exactly that!

Andy Halliday that’s the kind of respect we show them and anyone else every week! In their face!  Let them know it! The speed the small enclave of visiting fans corner emptied at the end was outstanding to see...the anger as they turned back to give the players and the manager it tight.....showed and confirmed that Rangers humped them!   They scream Sevco in their sleep...but it’s hilarious when a beating is dished out!  Like a pair of comfy old slippers!

A throw back....how things have always been post 2012.....Mark Warburton....Pedro Caixinha....Graeme Murty....they all tried...and failed! Step forward Steven Gerrard you Magnificent Bastard (Part 2)...show us the way....lead the charge....Thank you for ending 2018 by making the bears smile...

29th December 2012 - Queens Park 0-1 Rangers

29th December 2018 - Rangers 1-0 Celtic

6 years have passed…. the fact there is even talk of a title challenge is an embarrassment to them...not that they’d admit that! £2m spent on Disco lights instead of a Centre Half, or a Right Back, or a striker (that’s not glued to the bookies).  Eduardo makes big Flo look like a bargain!  That is how it feels to be Celtic.

Check the videos of the Management, Players and fans from yesterday.  That is how it feels to be Rangers - the most successful Football Club on the planet!



by Strasbourg97


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