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Written by: Philip Joseph Gerard White
Tuesday, 12th February 2019

A few weeks back I spoke to a US Attorney at Law who specialises in Claims and Compensation cases as a result of criminal acts. You can read about it here:


Following weekend newspaper reports that victims of Celtic paedophilia are set to commence legal action against the Club Like No Other on U.S. soil I contacted him again. I provided details of the recent sentencing of Celtic paedophile Frank Cairney and asked him to look over some historical information pertaining to Celtic's Boys Club on Stateside ventures.

The sharp-eyed attorney, who knew nothing of these cases until I contacted him a few weeks ago, poured over newspaper transcripts from the 1990's. He replied to me and asked me if these historical newspaper reports were genuine. I assured him they were.

It was then that he dragged himself into a cyber-courtroom and played his ace to the judge. His reply can be seen below (which I've shortened and redacted slightly. Additions within brackets are mine):

"As far as I can see these reports show that 4 of the gentlemen in charge of the kids soccer trip to New Jersey reported the incidents in 1991 to the manager of the soccer club (Liam Brady) on return to Scotland and that he further reported it to the soccer club chairman."

"Then in 1994 when claims resurfaced, a new manager of the soccer club (Lou Macari) and a new chairman (Fergus McCann) became involved and set up a hotline for victims."

"The press reports you sent on the imprisonment last week of Cairney are followed by the soccer club denying involvement or links to the boys club."

"Is what I'm saying correct?"

I replied to the affirmative and stressed to him that The Club Like No Other has continually and shamefully tried to deny any links to the Boys Club, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

His reply was short and sweet:

"They (Celtic Football Club) can forget any notion of denial in a U.S. court of law. If the newspaper reports are accurate, it's a slam-dunk."



by Philip Joseph Gerard White
by Philip Joseph Gerard White


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