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Good Start

Written by: Nineteen-SeventyTwo
Tuesday, 28th July 2015

Saturday’s Petrofac Cup match against Hibernian has reinvigorated a Rangers support that has for too long suffered as a succession of Managers and Directors have mismanaged both the finances, and the team.

Mark Warburton’s side started slowly against Hibs, but manoeuvred through the gears in impressive fashion as the game progressed.

Of course, these are early days, and there have been many false dawns over the last few years but there were some real signs of encouragement, and certain aspects of Rangers performance have not been in evidence for many years.

When Hibs took the lead, Ally McCoist’s or Kenny McDowall’s sides would have struggled. When Hibs scored their penalty, Rangers swung in to action and replied immediately.

While McCoist and Stuart McCall had some decent results, there was a swagger about Rangers on Satrurday I could swear I haven’t seen for many years.

Some of the success on Saturday was down to a straightforward tactic of pressing the ball when not in possession, no matter where on the park.

If the team can continue with this attitude and application, they won’t go far wrong this season.

I have a distinct unease that the Board of Directors, while facilitating the on field transformation of the team through the appointment of Warburton and the recent splurge of signings, are reverting to a style of club management reminiscent of the David Murray days.

This is not with respect to how they are supporting or directing the manager, but to how they are conducting other affairs.

With BBC Scotland once again leading the agenda to punish Rangers for fans singing songs that offend Celtic supporters, the new board are at a crossroads that will determine how our club and our support are destined to be treated in the years to come.

Are we to accept the agenda, and the damage it does to our brand, or are we to show BBC Scotland that they need to toe the line?

What action the club takes this week will be crucial to the ability of the club to truly return to our position of dominance in Scotland.

The other nagging issue is one of transparency, and the concerns raised about the old board and their methods of doing business seem somewhat distant as the current board appear to be giving preference to Director owned businesses.

The sacking of Bruce’s coaches to be replaced by Rangers Director Douglas Park’s firm resembles a David Murray approach of ensuring that his firms profited from the club.

Personally, as long as Rangers get value for money, I wouldn’t grumble too much, but the silence on social media about this deal is in stark contrast to the reactions when similar decisions were taken by any of Charles Green’s goons, or by the Easdales. Clearly it’s OK for some and not others.

The lack of movement on Rangers returning to the Stock Market is also a concern, and it would be wise for the support to monitor the board’s performance going forward, as we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by the team playing well if the Directors are making the same mistakes we failed to challenge properly before.

We owe it to each and every Rangers fan globally to ensure this time we hold our board to account and ensure they manage the club for long term success.


by D'Artganan
by BB


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